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How to be a Certified IT Leader?

To be an IT Leader is not just about possessing the technical knowledge and skills but also about leading your team towards success. Needless to say, one needs to be well-equipped with the fundamentals and all that encompasses IT management since this will be of prime importance in the demands of your chosen career. So, by becoming a certified leader, your credibility to manage teams, along with projects and process will be further qualified. Acquiring any of the top IT management certifications provides you an outstanding advantage in the industry. See the list of exceptional certifications and become a certified IT leader in no time.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

This certification is ideal for individuals who want to validate their competence in the different security principles and practices. Security Managers, Chief Information Officer, Network Architect, IT Manager and Security Practitioners are ideal for this pathway. Once you can acquire CISSP, your efficiency in cybersecurity program, in terms of designing, implementing and managing it will be proven. Step up your cybersecurity career and become part of the 138,000 certified cybersecurity professionals across the globe.

Prepare for a set of challenging exam questions that will test your expertise on the eight domains of security. You will have to exemplify your mastery in Security and Risk Management, Asset Security, Security Architecture and Engineering, Communication and Network Security, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Security Assessment and Testing, Security Operations and Software Development Security. Since security is a priority in the enterprise, certified IT leaders who can showcase security management skills are in demand.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Choosing the road of becoming an IT leader demands your time, effort, and of course, expertise in managing several IT projects. Through the CAPM, you can effectively deliver your competence in working with multiple project teams. Another would be handling a service lifecycle with your utmost responsibility and proficiency. Nowadays, many choose to pursue professions such as project management because of its timely significance. CAPM ensures you possess the qualifications in meeting this profession’s global standards. This certification serves as an opportunity to grow in your career and enables you to responsibly handle larger projects.

Your project management skills will further sharpen as you prepare for and during the exam. For three hours, you need to answer 150 multiple choice questions. Prices for members and non-members are US$225.00 and US$300.00, respectively.

CompTIA Project+

An individual aspiring to obtain this certification will learn productive skills in managing projects. Basically, what one can expect to learn through CompTIA Project+ are the skills required in dealing with project basics, constraints, project tools and documentation and communication and change management. A total of 95 questions are prepared to evaluate your expertise in managing stakeholder, project life cycle, and resources, maintain project documentation and assess that there is appropriate communication in the small-to-medium-size projects of IT. 90 minutes will be given for each practitioner. Also, there’s no need to retake the exam since this certification does not expire after years of usage.

Project coordinator and team leader are some of the positions associated with this certification. Therefore, IT leaders who wish to be certified should include CompTIA Project+ in their top choices since it is known globally for its value and exam standards. Not to mention its versatility over other certifications makes it an essential step in your career ladder.

Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

The efficiency of scrum teams highly depends on the CSM certified that will lead and masterfully work with and for the team. As a leader, you will receive various chances to further improve your expertise in team management and your core knowledge of Scum. Other benefits that you can enjoy include the opportunity to participate with other Scrum practitioners and upgrade your career opportunities. Any holder of this certification is projected to give an exceptional performance since CSM is known globally to harness individuals to perform at their full capacity. Among the certification’s priorities is providing an individual the competence in protecting the entire team from distractions, be it external or internal.

You can become a member of the Scrum Alliance for two years upon passing the certification exam. After two years, you can retake the exam with a renewal fee of $100.

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)

An IT professional with a CGEIT certification is considered a quality-member in every company. Why? Simply, because for one to qualify for the exam, he or she must have at least five-year experience in IT governance. Plus, a CGEIT certification is no joke. This is among the most recognized certifications for governance, risk, and compliance in IT. Thus, achieving one will prove that you are among the professionals who can outstandingly deal with critical issues such as security threats as well as other aspects of IT governance. Your competence in quality governance is what will be polished through this certification. An experience in IT governance alone is an advantage, but what more when paired with a CGEIT certification? This means that you have already mastered the principles encompassing IT governance and that you can successfully put what you have learned into practice.

Moreover, it has been noted that certified IT professionals are reportedly among those who have the highest salaries in the market, with an average salary of $131,443.


It is not enough to be an IT leader, choose to be the certified one! Any of the certifications above are well-regarded globally and taken by companies as an asset in becoming a productive IT leader. Many will be competing in the position of becoming an IT leader since the industry is never ceasing to evolve. Hence, you should see to it that you are equipped with even one of the certifications above because several companies will value individuals who have dedicated their effort in gaining one. Plus, a certification will immediately prove your competence in IT management, which is needed greatly by companies. If you want to enhance your skills in overseeing projects, handling and leading teams in your IT career, then become certified and showcase your expertise as an IT leader!

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