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Tips to Update Your Skills as an It Specialist

In any level you’re at, there’s always room for improvement. As IT is a sphere continuously evolving and advancing, being stagnant without ever attempting to boost your technical skills won’t get you anywhere. While some may think that their grasp as an IT specialist is good enough, choose to be that one bloke― continuously upgrading and taking in whatever it is to be learned. If you belong in the category of IT specialists who believe in endless education, these tips will surely help you hone your craft. Pay attention to these important tips and reap what you can sow in the long run.

Access online tutorials

If you can’t afford to buy external materials, you can access online tutorials. The advent of YouTube has allowed a great deal of videos showing different how-to’s and step-by-step lectures in sharpening your IT skills. Learning online is as rewarding as learning in the actual scene since you can absorb a lot of ideas from many people through watching various video lectures. If you really want to learn, even the comment section will interest you. You can actually find wisdom and relevant information in the comments of some people. But be mindful enough, not everything you see is true. Just back it up with a research to avoid errors.

Earn certifications

Being a certified IT specialist is another way to help you step up your IT skills, even more― your career. Preparing for the certification exam alone will hone your skills as you will be exposed to a greater body of knowledge before passing the exam standards. Once you will earn your certification, your technical knowledge and skills will be validated, which is extremely important in job applications.

How to attain a certification

Before taking the exam, make sure that you have all the requirements needed to take it. Afterward, register and take the certification exam. Only if you can successfully pass it will you be a certified IT specialist. There are various study materials that you can access to prepare for the exam. You can take a practice exam or training ahead of time. If not books, you can also browse online lectures.

Take part in Instructor-LED Training

Being a part of several training programs is certainly a good choice in strengthening your IT skills. Joining an Instructor-LED Training is one effective way to do so since it will give you more opportunity to share and gather ideas in your interaction with the facilitator and other participants. As much as it will engage you in a truly hands-on experience, you can also get to access pertinent module information and convenient reference materials.


No one’s ever mastered anything without practice. Any technical skills you already possess are something you should work on. If you have earned your own certification, then it already means that you really are qualified with the knowledge and skills in IT. So to speak, you must continue harnessing this until you can advance to a more specialized level. Also, what are the skills when not used and practiced? Don’t be complacent and continue putting your skills into practice. The world of IT is big and there are many things to learn. So, learning shouldn’t stop even after you’ve gained a certification, a degree or even though you already are in a particular IT position. Being an IT specialist will expose you to a lot of things, so it’s important not to put your skills in stagnancy.

Be enrolled in technical workshops

Enrolling in technical workshops will open you to a lot of opportunities to further build up your knowledge and skills. Take part in a full-day workshop and actively participate in the discussions. Insights that are relevant to your field will be provided for you to learn and bring your knowledge into application.

Read more books

By all means, any kind of book is a gratifying food for the soul. But the books we refer to here are technical books that are intended to provide you with some real know-how’s in the many facets of informational technology. You may take pride in mastering a particular IT skill or knowledge, but reading will enable you to realize your inadequacies in other aspects and will, in turn, help you to work on it. Through reading more books, you can expand your skills and be well-rounded in your chosen field, as well as those outside your spectrum.

Technical books vary in many ways, and some may only delve into the basic concepts while others may be more specialized. Plus, reading more technical books is very essential especially in taking certification exams. If you want to master one particular skill in a given concept, you can browse a book from time to time. By doing so, you’ll gradually hone and master the skill until you’ll finally be able to possess it. Learning doesn’t stop just because you already are an IT specialist. Step up your level and learn the game through constant reading.

Learn from your superiors and co-workers

What better way to improve your skills than to learn from your own superiors and co-workers, right? No matter how good you are, there are still many things that you may lack, in which you can and learn from other people. Your very workplace is a significant environment that will offer you a lot of technical and practical insights. So, you must be willing to ask questions and absorb what you have observed.

Visit technical sites

The internet gives way to a lot of sites and apps that will broaden your knowledge on a particular designated sphere in IT. If you really are determined to enhance your skills, you can visit technical sites, since a lot of helpful information is laid out for free. All the way better is to subscribe so that you can be notified and receive daily trends and advancements in IT.


To conclude, there are many ways to become a well-rounded technical specialist. The tips above are just a few of what you can try and you can always add other ways to further magnify your skills to its full capacity. Upgrading your technical skills is an excellent plan to constantly grow in the IT sphere.

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