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Best paying tech careers 2018. How to get?

The world of IT is evolving really quickly and there is no doubt about it. Fresh graduates from college or people with years of experience are showing more interest towards the tech jobs. One of the reasons for it is the pay. Yes, tech professionals will be paid really well and the chances of growth is also high as the demand for tech guys is really high. Tech jobs are not just computer programming or about information technology, there are so many other sectors where there is a high demand for the technical professionals.

If you are also one among those who are aspiring for a tech career, then here is the list of best paying tech jobs of 2018.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A person with a good knowledge of database technologies, reporting tools and analytics is just perfect for the job of a Business Intelligence Analyst. Most of the businesses look for tech guys who possess a degree in engineering or computer science. That means, they need someone who can really understand the need of business data and the one who can communicate it to the stakeholders. The annual salary of a business intelligence analyst is around $85,000.

Skills required:

    Database queries experience

    Should be able to write stored procedures

    Online Analytical Processing

    Knowledge of data cube technology

    Strong verbal and written skills

Data Scientist

Like you read above about the Business Intelligence Analyst who is helpful in understanding and communicating the data in the business perspective, your data scientist will work on gathering the data, process it and analyze it. Good communication skills are also very important for this job as they should be able to communicate their findings to others. The expected salary of a Data Scientist is $120,000.

Skills required:

    Knowledge and experience in programming languages like Java and Python

    Analytical skills

    Strong mathematics

    A Masters degree is a must

Database Developer

A database developer should possess both problem solving and analytical skills. As the tech professional will be handling the development and management of the data, they should have knowledge about database management and you will have to hire someone with that skill set. If you are a Database Developer, then we hope you are getting around $86,000 per years which is a healthy digit.

Skills required:

    A degree in Computer science, experience in database will be an added advantage.

    Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or Oracle is required.

    Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional certification or Microsoft Certified Database Administrator certification can easily fetch you a job as Database developer.

Support Desk Technician

Any kind of business that is customer facing, you will definitely need a support desk technician. But for this job, right technical skills along with soft skills is very important. Basically, this kind of tech job can be classified into three tiers as the job requirement varies depending on the business. If you are willing to be a support desk technician, then you can expect $45,000 per year.

Skills required:

    Tier 1: For this, you need to hire someone with a graduation degree from a technical college and also should have two years of experience.

    Tier 2: More than two years of relevant work experience is mandatory and they need to have a bachelor’s degree.

    Tier 3: More than five years of experience in front desk and professional certification is an added advantage. A Bachelor’s degree is also mandatory.

Network Administrator

The basic job profile of a Network Administrator is to handle the LAN or WAN, along with hardware and software. The main task that they do is troubleshooting and trying to fix the errors. It is important them to handle some problems over a call. Depending on the network that has to be handled, you will have to decide the experience of the tech professional. Good experience or certifications can be an added advantage to get into this job with ease. A network administrator can expect around $60,000 per year.

Skills required:

    Communication skills

    Troubleshooting skills

    Diagnostic and analytical skills

    Should be able to attend calls for hours

    You should possess a bachelor’s degree or more than five years of experience in network administration

    Any networking administration certification will be an advantage

Data Security Administrator

When you are handling huge data of a company, it has details about business, clients, employees and customers as well. So, taking care of the data security is one of the important things and your Data Security Administrators will take care of the entire data. They will make sure that the data is protected using right and best technologies, the methods used are always up to date and implementing different security strategies as well. Plus, $70,000 will be in your bank if you are a data security administrator.

Skills required:

    Critica Thinking

    Problem solving skills

    Should continue to learn and implement new methods of data protection

    Mathematical skills

    Strong programming skills

    Engineering skills

    Degree in Computers background

    Relevant Certifications

System Administrator

Just like any other job in the IT or tech field, they will need to possess strong analytical skills, communication skills and programming skills. Along with this, being a system administrator, one needs to be strong in understanding the software and hardware requirements of the company. That means, strong technical skills are very important for this position. Depending on the services, software and hardware, the skills of the system administration will be decided. The average salary of a system administrator is around $70,000 annual.

Skills required:

    Experience in handling servers

    Should be able to upgrade software

    Recovery and backup of data

    Any kind of software, hardware and networking problems should be handled

    Troubleshooting skills

    Technical training certificate or bachelor’s degree in computer science

    Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification, Sun Certified System Administrator certification or Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification will be an added advantage.

Listed above are the best tech career in 2018 and what the employer will look for in a tech professional. If you are looking for a bright career in any of these fields, then you have a clear picture about what kind of certification exams you need to clear. Just technical knowledge or experience may not help you get the right job as you need to keep yourself updated with the latest technologies and methods in the rapidly developing tech field. Certifications are definitely helpful at this point.

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