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Advantages of having a Red Hat Certification

Availing a Red Hat certification is one way of preparing yourself to the global marketplace. Reaching this site means you have once in your career, given some thought about acquiring a Red Hat certification. Or, you may have probably been interested in earning a certification yet you’re still not sure about what it has in store for you.

To give you an idea as to why you should get one for yourself, we have prepared a list of the advantages that you will get to reap once you become a Red Hat certified. These benefits will give you credibility as an IT professional in whatever program you choose to take. In one way or another, this certification will help create a striking impact in your IT career.

Validates your real-world IT skills

Memorization without the actual application of your IT artillery has no place in Red Hat. The things that are prioritized here are the technical skills that are aimed to be of use in real-world cases. From time to time, candidates are polished through hands-on experience. It leaves little room for multiple-choice questions since candidates are evaluated through performance-based tests. A certification from Red Hat proves that you have the skills and the ability to efficiently put what you’ve learned into action. On top of it all, a Red Hat certification is a reflection of your expertise on the Red Hat system.

Offers a variety of certifications

The number of Red Hat certifications available helps expand your choice and technical capacity. Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA), for instance, makes you an eligible candidate for a Red System Administrator position. This particular job role verifies an individual’s finesse in dealing with SELinux and other security controls as well as operating running systems or in the configuration of local storage. This is considered an essential stepping stone for individuals who are still not familiar with Linux. Another Red Hat certification in the market is the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). This is an advanced-level certification after availing RHCSA certification, which is also regarded as an essential Linux accreditation.

Boosts your resume

Over two decades, Red Hat has been highly considered as a global leader in providing solutions to industries and organizations, with about Red Hat certified professionals splattered in two hundred countries across the world. It basically stands out among managers. Because of this fact, having your own certification is a smart way of introducing your credibility among employers. Needless to say, having this credential will help build your resume.

Helps you discover your own learning style

Being an IT professional is a never-ending process. Thus, to constantly hone it comes as a requirement if you want to advance in your career. If you choose Red Hat, not only will it help you avail a certification but it will also help you know the best learning style. Through their individual and classroom exam, you can select what setting is convenient for you.

Proves your knowledge on Red Hat Systems

Passing the certification exam is nothing but tough. Hence, to be able to successfully complete it proves your extensive grasp on Red Hat Systems. That is, you are knowledgeable in operating running systems, using essential tools, creating, deploying and configuring local storage. Also, this means that you are fit in managing security, users, groups and other facets of Red Hat. Along with it comes the fact that you are capable of overseeing clients, security contraption, and gatherings. Furthermore, it will serve as a significant step in the process of learning about the wide sphere of Linux.

Makes you a proven and qualified professional

Recruiters look for the most qualified individuals who are widely knowledgeable in different specialized fields. For one to be a Red Hat Certified, you must be able to acquire the necessary techniques, say, in handling Linux containers. Aside from that, you must be able to keep up with the changing and ever-developing pace of the IT technology and practices. All these make up for a skilled and proven candidate that qualifies you in any job role.

Imparts you with more technical skills

Red Hat is very particular in molding the skills of certified professionals through hands-on experiences. And if you are a professional who has been certified by Red Hat, you can give recruiters not just the impression, but the actual fact that your knowledge is not just pure memorization alone, but that you have put your real-life knowledge and skills in practical tests. Throughout the process of availing the certification, you will gain more skills not just in the sphere of Red Hat but also on the general realm of IT. You will learn skills in terms of SMTP or FTP services, remote storage location, and web server administration. Other than that, you will get to enhance your skills through the preparation time given to you before taking the exam. This will include your time studying through different external or online materials as well as the training sessions you can participate in.

Provides training that focuses on hands-on skills

As it has always been, Red Hat’s primary aim is to create a culture that nurtures the hands-on skills of every IT professional. This is why it’s among the top certifications sought by many recruiters because it helps them identify which candidates are ready, adept as well as proven. The Red Hat training, which is found across the globe, offers a variety of training methods that strengthen the overall competence of IT professionals.


You might be bombarded by a lot of thoughts on what enterprise or vendor to earn your certification from or whether Red Hat certification is suitable for you. It’s safe to say that Red Hat is on top of the list when it comes to producing competent and credible certified IT professionals. Through time, it has established its commitment and efficiency in software and open source solutions. Several recruiters and managers prioritize individuals who are Red Hat certified as it’s among the most in-demand certifications in the market.

The advantages listed above are reasons to give the idea of gaining a Red Hat certification a go. It’s a practical track that has enabled several professionals to reach their finest potential in any job position they choose.

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