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How To Launch Your Career In IT?

We all crave for weekends be it businessmen, job people, housewives or any other. Sunday is always like a day of motivation for us. But then, Sunday nights scare us all. Another week of work, hard work, and not so relaxing days. But what about choosing a career that is competitive, exciting and challenging? What about choosing a career that does not bore you anyway? Becoming a professional in the IT sector opens up many career opportunities for you and there is no doubt in the fact. But what to do in case you have to change careers rapidly?

There are a large number of different courses available in the market to be pursued by the candidates. Choosing from among them is a matter of passion, knowledge, interest and the game of mind. And also, not all professions take years to launch. There are many entry-level certifications available for freshers in the tech industry that provides a full exposure to their careers. Read the article below and know about how to launch your tech career as soon as possible and what are the best IT certifications for the beginners to get a quick start in the industry.

Why Earn an Information Technology Certification?

Many IT jobs are engaged with particular practical methods or software, so growing certified in a professional field confirms to employers which you have the short talents required to accomplish.

Securing an IT certification is a fabulous alternative to finesse your tech talents and assist jump into the field. Arriving an entry-level job is the initial step to obtaining the experience and additional education required to give a boost to your tech career.

Five IT In-Demand Certifications for Beginners

If you’re interested in which IT certifications will give the greatest opportunities in the job sector and assist in starting off your career in technology, stop your search! You can recognize more than 400,000 starting-level IT job postings from the past twelve months in order to identify the top five IT certifications employers are asking from candidates with the help of real-time job exam software.

1. Cisco Certified Network Associate

What is it? – The course which guarantees employers you are ready to establish, manage and configure enterprise-level switches and routers is CCNA which is also an entry-level certification. CCNA certified people have the possibility of becoming a professional in security, voice or networking which is wireless and can also identify and determine basic network issues.

Process of Certification: You can grow a CCNA professional by clearing a single 90-minute written exam. It contains about 50-60 questions. The prices of the exam is about $295. Around 5,520 is the entry-level job postings which are looking for this credential.

What Can a Person Become Under It?

  1. Systems Administrator

  2. Network Administrator

  3. Network Engineer

2. CompTIA A + Certification

What is it? – CompTIA A+ is a fundamental beginning for an IT career and an entry-level certification. The tasks of the professionals are to maintain the computers, operating systems, printers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Process of Certification: In order to obtain CompTIA A + Certification, a candidate needs to pass the two exams – one based on performance and the other multiple choice. The price of the exam is around $200. Around 7,681 entry level job postings are looking for this credential.

What Can A Person Become Under It?

  1. Desktop Support Technician

  2. Help Desk Technician

  3. In-home Support Specialist

3. CompTIA Network+

Your capability to create, maintain and troubleshoot wired and networks which are wireless is recognized by Network+.

Process of Certification: On the arrangement of wired and devices which are wireless and different developing technologies, you have to clear a single 90-question exam. The exam price is around $285.

What Can a Person Become Under It?

  1. Information Technology Specialist

  2. Helpdesk Technician

  3. Information Technology Technician

4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional

What is it? – To save organizations from attack, ISC CISSP is a worldwide identified credential checking data security competency. The credential establishes broad practical and managerial skills to manage and maintain programs of data security.

Process of Certification: Security assessment and testing, asset security, security engineering, communications and network security, identity and access management, security, and risk management, security operations, and software development security are the eight subjects that comprise CISSP exam. The exam incorporates 250 questions, the exam takes six hours to finish and the price is around $600.

What Can a Person Become Under It?

  1. Security Analyst

  2. Information Security Analyst

  3. Information Technology Auditor

5. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

What is it? – MCSE is a mid-level certification that confirms a person’s capability to create original remedies beyond many technologies. MCSE certification is provided in the given specializations: desktop infrastructure, Sharepoint, data platform, messaging, private cloud, enterprise devices and apps, server infrastructure, business intelligence, and communication.

Process of Certification: The procedure to grow certified will differ depending on your chosen thought, but the exam is a five-step procedure which includes different question forms including drag-and-drop, multiple choice, and simulation problems. The price of the exam is $150 irrespective of the professionalism.

What Can a Person Become Under It?

  1. Systems Engineer

  2. Systems Administrator

  3. Field Systems Technician

Which IT Certifications Appeals to You?

Securing a certification in IT may be all that’s holding in the direction of your coming career in technology, so what are you looking for? If you’re willing to go back after your dead-end work so as to start a satisfying career, there’s no greater time than immediately to enter the IT industry.


With the above mentioned data, we can conclude that the IT certifications are in full interest of the students and the candidates who go to take up the same. These IT certifications help students build a time saving, secure, worth and satisfying career undoubtedly.

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