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Dreaming of Being Google Certified? Tips to Use

With several competitors in the market, it may not be easy to promote yourself among employers. This is the time when a certification becomes very beneficial. While most candidates compete with an extensive experience or a college degree, you can choose to create your own path by adding a certification in your IT credentials. A degree or a professional experience paired with the striking power of a valid certification will help you establish your own mark in the industry.

Don’t let the chance of becoming a Google certified pass by. Keep in mind that certifications are of the same importance as that of an academic attainment, especially that more and more Cloud professionals flock the IT market with quite the same educational and work background. Learn from these tips and take the bright road of becoming a Google certified!

Choose your ideal Google certification

The first thing you need to do is to select your desired certification according to your skills and personal preferences. Always take into account your goals and also your resources before taking a significant leap in your career. Once you have successfully done the selection process after, everything else will follow.

You can choose from an array of various tracks to become Google certified. A number of certifications that Google offers are as follows:

Google Developer Certification

Associate Android Developer Certification

Mobile Web Specialist Certification

Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect

Google Cloud Certified – Professional Data Engineer

Google Cloud Certified – Associate Cloud Engineer

Participate in hands-on labs and boot camps

Google’s program offers activities that are designed to hone the technical skills of every Google enthusiast. Register to Google cloud’s hands-on labs or boot camps and absorb new and practical knowledge. While you’re at it, ask technical questions about the latest trends of Google Cloud or anything related to Google. Either you join a half-day or a full-day training course, the technical topics―whether intermediate or advanced, will help strengthen your theoretical as well as practical competence.

Access self-study materials

Google certified is someone who is enthusiastic not just of his or her own personal growth but also that of the organization he or she is a part of. By studying external materials, e-books or any self-study resources, by practicing exam dumps, you’re not just only preparing to gain a Google certification, you are also making a contribution to the industry as you listen and take in technical information that you will soon put into practice for Google’s growth. Depending on your chosen program, you can access several books to impart you with the fundamental knowledge needed for the certification’s exam.

Interact with other Google attendees

Meeting other candidates who are dedicated to attaining a Google certification is another better way to prepare yourself in the future workplace you’ll be placed in. In any training course or program you are attending, share ideas with other attendees and ask relevant questions. In this way, you’ll be able to gather different insights that may help you in availing your certification and even after your exam journey. Fellow candidates can impart you with important knowledge or the other way around. Helping other people to be Google certified creates a holistic place for industry’s betterment.

Join or watch keynotes from renowned Google leaders

To be a well-rounded Google certified, you must learn from the experts. Google has created an opportunity for cloud professionals to hear from Google’s finest minds to educate and spread inspiration in keeping Cloud forward. This includes Google executives, partners as well as customers who are gathered in one place to empower individuals and the advancement of Cloud in the industry. The keynotes can be watched through the Next’18 app’s live streaming. Viewers can also catch it on the viewing rooms accessible throughout Moscone. Through these keynotes, you can gain valuable information that you can later apply in your job application and soon in your career. Listening to the experts and the ones who came before you is a good learning technique that fosters personal and professional growth. The collective effort of experts and beginners make way for an environment that breeds learning and productivity.

Schedule an appointment with Google experts

If you can’t get enough with a live or recorded keynote, what better way than to schedule an appointment with Google’s very own experts? Google Cloud has enabled individuals to set a 30-minute appointment with Google Cloud professionals to discuss and share productive business ideas. Unfortunately, the advance scheduler has already been closed so only walk-up appointments are available for inquiring individuals. This is a great chance to enhance your knowledge and skills by taking in important ideas from learned Google personalities.

Visit online tutorials

This age of information has allowed many people to upgrade their skills even when they’re far from their workplace or from any information-giving, formal setting. Almost anything that needs to be learned can already be found online. These range from technical sites to various videos shared by professionals or even non-professionals with the goal of helping one another. Many online video lectures are available for those who want to gain essential technical knowledge or those who want to practice their existing skills in a specific field.

Take the Google certification exam

Having undergone the essential preparations and training sessions, the final track to tread is the exam part. Your exam will depend on your chosen certification. If you have dedicated your time and effort in attending the various information-emitting programs and have exhausted all means to prepare for the exam, then there’s a high chance of passing. Having prior knowledge and professional experience will even serve as a bonus in taking the exam.


In preparing for a Google certification, everything is a learning experience. Each tip is a step closer to help you become a dedicated Google certified. It will demand much of your time, focus and effort to pursue a Google certification yet, in the end, you’ll see its benefits not just in your professional life but also in the larger field of the industry. Constant learning is a value that Google professionals keep in mind as Google is a never-ending sphere of learning and advancement.

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