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Career Opportunities with Microsoft Certifications

A Microsoft certification helps you speed your way into that level of career fulfillment. The advantages that you can receive from being certified come in a lot of forms―may it be getting hired, extra recognition, higher income, or a promotion. The more you attain for more advanced certifications, the higher the probability for you to receive advanced-level career opportunities. Basically, the chances of being a qualified candidate increase as you earn a Microsoft certification. In connection, with you being a Microsoft certified, several career doors will open for you. Talking about job roles, there is indeed a lot of choices that are in store for anyone who has this kind of IT credential.

Before anything else, let’s first discuss the seven main categories of a Microsoft Certification Program to gain a better understanding of each job opportunities in stored for Microsoft professionals. Note that the following job opportunities are found in the specific categories of the Microsoft Certification Program.


First is the Cloud category which covers Microsoft Azure, server infrastructures, DevOps and Windows Server 2016, among others. Microsoft Cloud Certifications are meant for IT professionals who can prove their ability in the design, deployment, configuration and the total supervision of a Windows Server environment. Having achieved this certification opens doors for individuals with IT positions like technical specialists, systems administrators, and systems analysts. The certifications under this domain are MCSA Cloud track and MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.


Encompassing the domains are desktop and end-user topics. To earn the certifications under this category exposes you to job positions such as support personnel, help desk technicians, and systems administrators. Included in the Microsoft Mobility Certification track are as follows: MTA, MCSA as well as MCSE certifications. For the MTA program, the MTA: IT Infrastructure serves as the sole certification. While for the program, the available certification is the MCSA: Windows 10 which can be achieved after passing two exams.


Several Microsoft database technologies are unified in this category. To name a few would be business intelligence, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and machine learning. Certified professionals can fill up the integral of a database administrator who will be supervising a wide range of database-related functions. Microsoft Data Certifications is composed of MTA, MCSA and MCSE programs. For MTA program, a single exam must be completed, which will assess your database fundamentals. Whereas the MCSA Data track includes five certifications, which are as follows: (1) Machine Learning, (2) SQL 2016 BI Development, (3) SQL 2016 Database Administration, (4) SQL 2016 Database Development, and (5) SQL Server 2012/2014. Moreover, MCSE: Business Applications and MCSE: Data Management and Analytics are the two certifications under MCSE Data category.


Microsoft Productivity Certifications include MCSA, MSCE and MOS programs. Under MCSA program is MCSA: Office 365 certification while MCSE has MCSE: Productivity certification. For MOS offerings, MOS Office 2016, MOS 2016 Expert and MOS 2016 Master are the certifications. The certifications pave the road for professionals to work with Windows platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office and Office 365. At most, Microsoft certified professionals having this certification will be in-charge in the productivity of rank-and-file employees as well as the supervision of the current technology and its efficiency to the bottom line.

App Builder

This category of certification track provides opportunities for certified candidates to fill the positions of an application or a mobile app developer. A development-oriented category, it encompasses the use of Microsoft solutions and platforms in constructing compatible software. MTA, MCSA, and MCSD fall under Microsoft App Builder Certifications. Entry-level developers are the ideal candidates for MTA program. MCSA: Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and MCSA: Web Applications are the two credentials included in the certification path. Whereas MCSD: App Builder certification belongs in MCSD Developer Track.

Business Applications

Highlighting on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms and technologies, this certification track is ideal for professionals who want to configure, upgrade and customize Microsoft Dynamics 365-built business systems and applications. Under the Microsoft Business Applications Certifications involve MCSA and MCSE certifications. The former includes two choices, either MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 or MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations certification. While the latter certification track only involves MSCE: Business Operations credential.

Trainer and Educator

Microsoft Trainer and Educator Certifications

MCT: Microsoft Certified Trainer certification proves that you are broad-minded and masterful in teaching the technologies and products of Microsoft. Microsoft Certified trainers are well-recognized in the IT sphere as they cultivate an environment of readiness and skill-training across many platforms. While MCE: Microsoft Certified Educator is intended for educators who show competence in their technology literacy. This includes educators in universities, academia, training facilities and colleges who are in charge of helping students learn the Microsoft tools, technologies, and other essential spheres.

Furthermore, Microsoft offers an expansive selection of online certification programs. Each is meant to help individuals reach his or her fullest potential through its various career opportunities. They are as follows:

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

Microsoft Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Other career opportunities of having a Microsoft certification include:

Establishing your fluency in MS office

Leading the team and attaining full productivity

Receiving more recognition

Becoming proficient in building charts and collating data

Job security and salary


To make a long story short, a Microsoft certification would mean a lot, especially when you’re venturing for a job position. Fortunately, the job hunt would be shortened with the help of a prestigious certification. More career opportunities would be waiting at your doorstep and that once far-gazing job position you so want to achieve would be gradually near your grasp. In any Microsoft program that you plan to specialize in, it will now be easier because of these credentials, and soon you will acknowledge the fruits of your efforts. This is not just applicable during your job application but in the days ahead until your actual performance in a workplace. Because achieving a certification is a life-long investment so the benefits you will soon enjoy are, too.

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