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Super Easy and Stress Free Jobs in IT

IT is a very important department in any kind of company to maximize efficiency and productivity. Maximized efficiency and productivity means maximized profits. This is a vital key to why the IT guys are always offered maximum pay. In fact, most of the IT professionals get multiple offers, and they are able to choose the one that pays them better. They have more chances of negotiation and find a better job that they need.

Many times, college graduates are directly hired from their colleges, so that they can join the job immediately after they are relieved from the college. This is the best way that college students are able to start a wonderful career immediately after they graduate.

Here are some best and easiest jobs in IT, that pay well, and there is a huge requirement at present and will increase in the future as well.

Here we go…

IT Architect

IT Architect is another well paid and most rewarded IT jobs. Unlike, Software developers, you will not be able to enter into the IT Architect position with ease. You will need to clear some certification exams in order to get into this job. There are different certification courses available like AWS certified advanced networking and many others. The basic job of the IT architect is not really simple, and hence only a person with a right certificate will be able to get a job in the top companies. The job involves planning and designing the networks of the company in order to assure maximum security to the company data.

AWS certification has 9 levels of exams and the higher certification you will be able to clear; the more are the chances of getting in IT Architect job and to secure a high paying position.

Data Scientist

The servers that are having the complete data of the company are very important. It is very important to monitor the complete data of the company and extract it on demand in to make sure that the company or business runs smoothly. There are certain graduation degrees for data scientists, but even a software developer or data analyst can get into this job. You don’t really need too much experience to get into the job, but just having knowledge of Hadoop and R will be really helpful.

CCA or Cloudera certification exam and Hadoop certification exams are required to get into this job. There are no specific requirements to take these certification exams; basic graduation will do.

Computer User Support Specialist

Yes, not many people may think that this job Computer user support specialist will be on the list of best and easiest IT jobs. But, yes this is one of the jobs in demand. The jobs listed above are easy to find because getting the right certified IT professional might be tough. But the demand for this job is also growing tremendously. The more number of systems, computers or applications in use, the more are the problems with those systems, computers, and application. So, how is it possible to manage without a support specialist?

Many graduates do not opt for this job as this is definitely not the one of the highly paid jobs in IT. But you will definitely get benefited when you join as a support specialist in the entry level. You will be able to learn many new things that you did not know in the past. Just an entry level IT certification is enough to get into this job. This Support specialist job is definitely one among those rare technical jobs, which you can get with just IT certification and no graduation degrees. So, you can start earning before you get your degree. 

Cyber Security Analyst

The position of Cyber Security Analyst appeared on the list because it’s in high demand that’s why it’s one among those which are hard to get filled. Still, we’ll tell you how to get the position easily. The education demand for this job was at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer science, but as it got really hard to fill the vacancies, the educational requirements came down, and the practical experience came into demand. Yes, those who are having good knowledge about cyber security will be given the job of the Cyber security analyst, provided you have a CompTIA Security+ certification. There is no specific requirement for this certification course, but having one or two years of experience in IT administration or networking can be an added advantage. You will be able to find jobs easily with that experience when certification is added to it.

Software Developers

Software developers are one of the most wanted IT professionals in the IT market today. The pay for the software developers is pretty good, and the job is also rewarding. It is a good option to choose from those who are starting their career in the IT industry. There will not be too many requirements to get into the entry level software development job. A degree in computer science or a certificate of a specific programming language is all you will need to get the job. This job profile is not at all related to the academics as people with the knowledge of programming language and any graduate also can apply.

The languages that are highly in demand these days are Java, SQL, JavaScript, and Python. If you have cleared the certifications exams for these languages, you can get the job. For Java, you have SCJP, which means Sun Certified Java Programmer. It has different levels, and entry level certificate is enough to start your career as a Software developer. It is just a test that you will have to take on basic Java concepts to get the certification done.

Finding a job in IT does not require too much skill. Even if you are having basic graduation in computer science is enough. But when you are looking for a good salary and a higher position in a company, then having passed a certification exam or exams will be an added advantage to you and your CV.

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