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Reasons to be PMP Certified

Project Management Institute (PMI)’s very own Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is highly regarded for project managers worldwide. To be PMP certified is one grand way of having what it takes in meeting project management standards. But to do so, one must also successfully meet PMP exam standards. As PMI is known globally in the professional arena of project management, being a PMP certified is one thing that will help you stand out.

There are several reasons as to why you should earn a PMP certification. To start off, your work will be deemed credible and reliable. That comes as a given, but there are a whole lot more benefits to gain aside from that essential fact. Once you gain a PMP certification, consider your career to be going to great heights as a lot of doors will really open for you. However, if you’re still planning on getting one, you’re doing yourself a great favor.

Companies hire project managers who are PMP certified

Given that PMP certification is recognized globally, being certified is giving you the optimal chance to be recognized as well by most companies. A lot of corporations pay more focus on individuals in their respective project management demands. In fact, many industries require managers to be PMP certified. To name some would be oil and gas industries. That alone will give you a strong advantage over your colleagues. Because it’s such an in-demand certification, it’s only natural that project managers who have this are considered sought-after by many companies.

Not only is it well-acknowledged worldwide, but it is also industry-wide.

PMP certification is recognized across the world, let alone the Project Management Institute. But more than that, it is also notorious for being industry-wide, which is very beneficial for many certified project managers.

Shows your ability to speak a common business language

Since project managers are expected to communicate with a lot of people in varying projects, having the ability to effectively converse using a common business language is seen as an asset in the company. Now, what separates PMP holders from other project managers is that they have a wide knowledge of other concepts. This would include knowing what a Procurement Review is from a Procurement Audit, and a lot more. They pay great attention to these details and excel in communicating with the program manager, team members and the like. They also help make sure that at the end of the day, each and everyone will reach a common and successful understanding of what the team wants to accomplish.

Imparts you with essential knowledge and skills

It’s known to many that PMP exam is among the most difficult to pass, as noted by many exam-takers. Therefore, being able to pass the exam will automatically mean that you have successfully learned all the needed knowledge and skills required in answering the test questions correctly. In your preparation for the exam, you will gain a lot of insights regarding hard and soft skills as well as knowledge of the techniques and concepts in project management.

Brings an outstanding effect on your resume

An extensive work experience surely makes a resume stand out. But the additional benefit that a PMP certification brings makes it all the way more valuable. The position for project managers is a tough one since it’s a very sought-after job. There are many objectives to look at when choosing the right candidate. However, one thing that most companies share in common is that they take serious consideration on resumes which include the PMP certification over those who don’t have. In fact, a growing number of companies require this certification in job applications.

Offers various networking opportunities

Across the globe lies several members who have achieved the PMP certification, and they frequently meet in major cities. Members usually hold meetings that are geared towards helping one another in earning PDUs, which is important in keeping the certification, to name one. Aside from that, the network sessions also provide information dealing with job opportunities and in looking out for other individuals who aspire to become one. If you become a PMP certification holder, your network will naturally expand since thousands of members spread across the globe and are always in the move towards a progressive and professional network.

More exposure to challenging projects

Basically, project managers who are PMP certified will already have the impression of being truly dedicated to their craft. This proves how knowledgeable and experienced they are in handling projects since passing the PMP exam alone can verify if you have what it takes to effectively lead and direct projects. This means that you have more chances of getting exposed to challenging projects that are bound to help you grow all the way more as a certified project manager. It has also been noticed by several companies that PMP certified project managers complete projects in a commendable and competent manner.

Expect higher income

It has been noted in several surveys that PMP holders can expect higher salaries since their marketability will naturally improve once they become certified. Almost 20% has been said to increase in a project manager’s salary over others who have not been certified. This is perhaps among the most important advantages of gaining a PMP certification. Accordingly, this is seemly observed in many parts across the globe, such as in Middle East nations.


To summarize it all, gaining a PMP certification is an integral part of your career since many benefits and opportunities are waiting if you become one. There are far more benefits that you can enjoy once you become a PMP holder that will surely give a push in your profession. Though the process of becoming one may be difficult, not to mention the exam, and may particularly hurt your pockets, it’s definitely worth the time and effort. As much as it will help you in terms of the aforementioned list above, a PMP certification will provide you with job security as well as career satisfaction.

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