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Top Cloud Certifications You Shouldn’t Miss

Competing with other cloud professionals is nothing but difficult since Cloud is a spectrum growing rapidly in the IT market. Nowadays, companies are picky in choosing the individuals they want to entrust the industry’s progress. One way to be ahead of the game is to be a cloud certified professional. However, with the list of several cloud certifications, it may be daunting to choose which one will suit you. However, the special key to keep in mind is that companies will always go over certifications that are from well-established vendors or companies.

Thus, you must go for those cloud certifications which have already benefited a lot from IT professionals. Choosing the right certification will highly depend on your platform and personal interest. To help you with the selection task, here is a list of top cloud certifications for better reference and decision-making.

CCNA Cloud: Cisco Certified Network Administrator Cloud

Professionals mostly go for a CCNA Cloud certification since it is known widely to prioritize Cloud Engineers, Network Engineers, and Cloud Administrators, who are eyeing for ideal and advanced job roles. Their skill set related to Cisco Cloud administrations and solutions will be further enhanced and verified with the completion of the exam. CCNA Cloud Certification has no prerequisites. Required are two exams, namely 210-451 CLDFND and 210-455 CLDADM. Conveniently, they allot recommended training sessions, all of which are Cisco’s very own network resources as well as self-study materials to provide candidates the best outcomes.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

An Amazon Web Service certification still holds the lead among several employers because of its high-standard qualification. The Professional level is meant to validate your technical skills and experience in AWS platform, particularly on designing and employing applications, services, strategies, and systems. Candidates are to answer the multiple-choice certification exam within 170 minutes. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification serves as a prerequisite for the exam.

IBM Certified Solution Architect – Cloud Platform Solution v2

Acquiring this certification serves as a marker that you are armed with the expertise in designing, planning, and architecting a Cloud Infrastructure. It will prove that you possess the knowledge on applying the fundamental concepts, architectural principles, as well as Infrastructure solutions and recommendations. A successful completion of C5050-380 – IBM Cloud Platform Solution Architect v2 will establish your achievement of the well-known certification. The only recommended prerequisite for this exam is to have the knowledge on the basic IBM consulting principles.

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge

Obtaining the CCSK ин CSA (the Cloud Security Alliance) is another smart means of boosting your skill sets in cloud security programs. The number of IT and security professionals who have become CCSK certified continue to grow since this certification effectively breeds a well-rounded learning for IT candidates. They are given the chance to increase their technical competence and in turn, have it verified for wider career opportunities. It is vendor-neutral and is notably included among the top security certifications for cloud computing. The 90-minute exam is prepared to evaluate a candidate’s expertise across cloud security issues over the various spheres of cloud computing.

Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA)

OpenStack Foundation’s first-ever professional certification, Certified OpenStack Administrator or COA is geared to provide companies the world’s qualified professionals who can lead the IT industry to advancement. To be an eligible candidate, one must have at least six months of experience in OpenStack with the necessary know-how in managing an OpenStack cloud. The exam will encompass the fundamental networking, compute and storage services. Achieving a COA certification means you have passed all the requirements needed in becoming a certified OpenStack Administrator. Accessing the OpenStack All-in-One Virtual Appliance or participating in OpenStack Training Marketplace’s live training class is a good way to prepare for the performance-based exam. One must have the knowledge on the fundamental components of cloud and must properly execute troubleshooting, image management, block storage, networking, and object storage, among others.

MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Running modern data center efficiency is an important skill that a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert must be able to possess. Through this certification, your skill set, particularly on cloud technologies, virtualization, networking, identity, and systems management, will be upgraded to its full extent. If you can pass the exam, this will mean that you are truly equipped with the necessary skills needed to become one. And by this, you will be armed with the qualifications needed in several job roles. To name a few would include the positions of a Cloud Architect, Information Security Analyst, Cloud Administrator, and Computer Support, Specialist. Prep resources are made accessible for candidates to prepare ahead of the exam.

Google Cloud Architect Certification

Certified Google Cloud Architects are among the qualified professionals searched by many employers. This is because they are widely labeled to have achieved a detailed understanding of Google Cloud technologies and are masterful in developing progressive solutions for the Google Cloud Platform. The two-hour exam will serve as an assessment of a candidate’s capacity in analyzing technical and business processes, managing cloud solution infrastructure, designing cloud architecture as well as safeguarding solutions, and security.

VCP7-CMA: VMware Certified Professional 7 – Cloud Management and Automation

VCP7-CMA certification will lead you to gain more value in the organization you are assigned to since your expertise in installing, configuring, and administering a VMware vRealize environment will be highly acknowledged. Provided are the skills required in standardizing complex processes and extending data virtualization throughout the cloud. Training courses are recommended to prepare each candidate for the exam; however, those who already hold a valid VCP credential are exempted from taking the recommended training. The number of exams may vary according to your current VCP certifications.


The competition in the IT industry is a tough battle as a lot of cloud professionals are in high demand. So, you must pick your weapon wisely. These certifications will serve as your weapon in winning your desired position in IT and be among the qualified professionals that employers search for. Since these are considered as the market’s top cloud certifications, these will no doubt place you on top of your IT career as well.

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