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Best Project Management Certifications

Just like in any profession, an IT project cannot fully progress without the know-how of a project manager. The role of a project manager serves as a crucial, and if not, one of the most significant factors that determine its success. He or she ensures that each task is properly executed, and further evaluates whether the team is wholly productive. Any upgrades, issues, and developments are critically overseen to give out the best possible outcome.

Getting into a project management career is a significant way to prove your capacity to lead and execute. It’s undeniably a growing discipline that magnets many professionals. But being a certified project manager will certainly give you a flourishing step forward. Without a doubt, the benefits that come along with having a certification are a rewarding feat – a striking plus for your IT credentials. The best project management certifications are narrowed down in the list below to give you a better look at selecting.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

On top of the list is the world-renowned PMP certification. Abounding are the reasons why you should be PMP certified in the career you are pursuing. If you are a certified project management professional, you are expected to receive higher income since the challenges you will be assigned to will greatly demand your time, expertise and effort. Another reason is that PMP certification alone is regarded by employers as a valuable contribution to the company. Serving as a requisite for professionals, it is highly relevant to a lot of industries. Clearly, the global standards of PMP, let alone its exam and training, make it as the top selection for many professionals. This is evident in the USA, where many PMP holders are commended in project management.

Aside from the expected 20% salary increase, the rewarding benefits such as gaining wider career and networking opportunities are just a few of the reasons to pay your dedication to. A certified project management professional is one who has proven his or her proficiency in the terminologies, practices, and principles of project management.

PRINCE2 Certifications: PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner

Next to PMP is the popular Prince2 certification. The first one, PRINCE2 Foundation serves as an entry-level credential for professionals. This certification will evaluate the competence of an individual in the terminology and methodology that encompasses project management. Next in line is the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, which assesses the expertise of those who have passed the PRINCE2 Foundation certification. It’s considered as an advanced-level credential for project managers. Both the qualifications are most famous in places like the UK and Australia. Prince2 is also industry-wide and highlights heavily on processes and projects.

Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP)

EC-Council proctors this certification to ensure the industry’s growth of project management professionals who can effectively manage small or complex projects. The well-known EC-Council was formed to ensure protection from cyber terrorism and threats for information security. That is why being a CPMP certified will no wonder provide you with a solid base in your career. Mainly developed here are the essential technical, managerial and leadership skills that are crucial to every project’s success. Your existing skill sets will be refined through CPMP’s various methodologies and project types. With a price of $199, there is no required experience in taking the exam. However, a three-day preparation course is recommended for the CPMP exam.

Certified Project Manager (IAPM)

The good thing about this certification is that it won’t require you to have a professional experience since it’s designed for candidates who can display their basic know-how of project management. Nonetheless, it still remains among many aspiring certified project manager’s choices. Some of the things that are focused here include the promotion of practical applications and research, development of project management standards and competencies. For the exam, it will encompass the soft and hard features of project management, which will test your knowledge and skills in outlining, organizing and executing projects effectively.

Master Project Manager (MPM)

Another one topping the candidate for the best project management certifications is the MPM, which is made ideal for experienced professionals in project management. Being an MPM certified is a good way to upgrade your skills and experience for a more successful project leadership. Passing the exam ensures you that you are a professional who can stand out in a given project by proficiently applying your learned tools and techniques. Upon obtaining this certification, you will gain essential principles in avoiding mistakes in project management, communicating successfully, exhibiting problem-solving skills, applying different approaches and tools, motivating and leading team members, among others.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

This is designed perfectly for professionals engraved with the aspiration of managing larger projects. For a professional constantly trying to grow in his or her career, being complacent in the skills you have won’t do. CAPM certification allows you to strengthen your project management skills. The same with PMP certification, CAPM as well is administered by the Project Management Institute.

It will take three hours to answer the 150 questions set in a multiple-choice type for the CAPM’s certification exam. You can retake the exam after five years if you wish to keep your CAPM certification.


To add the striking effect of a certification in your resume will automatically create a good impression among your superiors and colleagues. This will prove that you are positively equipped with an extensive body of knowledge and methodology in project management.

But it’s not all about getting more recognized and getting paid more by the company, it’s also about the personal growth that you will receive once you decide to have a certification. You will not just absorb the knowledge and skills during the exam preparation but also meet a community of professionals that will help you along the way. Accordingly, you will be committed to a lifelong progress in your professional life. Growing into your project management career is more fulfilling when you are certified by any of the choices given above. Though there’s a wide array of project management certifications aside from the ones given above, just pick which track is more suitable for you and get the game going.

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