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Important Tips to Ace the Big Data Interview

Big data is defined according to the three Vs – volume, velocity, and variety. With Big Data, you process, handle and analyze diverse data sources from business transactions to social media and other information. These data are dealt at an unprecedented speed and timely manner. It can come in various types of format, may it be unstructured text documents, emails, video, financial transactions or to those structured numeric data in traditional databases. Although gathering and analyzing Big Data can be quite challenging, more and more IT professionals are pursuing this field because of its increasing importance in businesses, healthcare, education, and government.

What is the Importance of Big Data?

Data acquisition, analysis, and trend-spotting are crucial skills needed for data scientists and analysts to aid in the success of a business. Big data is translated into valuable bits of information once it had been processed and analyzed. The analysis can then enable you to create significant insights, services, and products to better the impact of your business. Hence, companies rely on Big Data professionals for their success.

Of course, these companies do not just simply hire employees who haven’t earned any valid certifications relevant to Big Data. By getting certified, it would be a win-win situation for both employer and employee. Certifications are proof for employers that you are highly qualified. Being certified entails that you are skillful enough and so employers would reduce their risks and costs in implementing your workloads. Moreover, there would be an increased customer satisfaction because of your proficiency. In turn, you as the employee will earn more recognition, credibility, and benefits.

Indeed, getting certified is very essential. Though the road for your certification career may be quite hard and long, there’s no need to worry. Here are some tips to prepare for the big day. That is, the Big Data interview! Buckle up and learn some insights in this article.

Refresh your knowledge

This step is easy enough since you’ve already grasped a full comprehension of Big Data tools and technologies as you prepared for the certification exams. It is necessary for you to fully understand the tools and technologies involved with Big Data. These include concepts in statistics and machine learning, basic programming and software engineering, data visualization and wrangling, product management, and data familiarity. Master the concepts and do not just memorize.

Research all about it

Before putting yourself in one of the most crucial moments in your career, you surely don’t want to mess up. So, impress your interviewers by doing some research. Know the company and the roles of the job you’re applying for. Study these aspects and learn more about them.

Practice and prepare

As usual, practice makes perfect. Rehearse those frequently asked questions well. What sets you apart from others? How can you contribute to the company? Practice answering standard questions and technical questions as well. Explain elaborately. Prepare your answers to questions and tell your story flawlessly. Also, prepare for real-time scenarios that could arise during the interview day and think of how you’d respond to these scenarios.

Furnish your CV

Your CV speaks a lot about yourself. Through your curriculum vitae and your application letter, most companies decide whether to accept your application. Accordingly, this is your chance to grab an interview. Hence, present your curriculum vitae by highlighting your qualifications and your skills. Determine your strengths and critical points that match the skills needed for the job position. In your application letter, compose properly and smartly. Address them politely and express your intent in joining their team. Show them your deep interest by closing your letter that you’ll be very pleased with an interview and leave your contact numbers.

Dress smart

First impressions usually last for a long time. And in interviews, it is one important factor that would give your employers a picture of you. Dress according to the standards of the firms. Don’t overdress nor dress plainly. Dress casually but smartly.

Be confident

Yes, interviews are nerve-wracking and stomach-wrenching. But allowing this to get through you on the interview day will be of no help. So, just be confident. During the big day, trust yourself. You’ve invested enough time and effort for this rather important day. You now have what it takes. Deliver your responses enthusiastically. Answer technical questions comprehensively. Express your interest towards the job and your intent of being part of the company eagerly. If you have questions to the interviewer, compose it properly and ask politely. Another important thing to do during the interview is to smile as often. When you feel that your nervousness is starting to seem obvious, just smile it off and appear confident. Smiling sometimes helps you become at ease.


After the interview, you can follow-up the progress of your application. Just like during passing your application letter, express your letter politely and compose appropriately. Send your warm gratitude of taking the time to interview you and wait for their response. In case you don’t receive a feedback, you may write another follow-up letter. If you succeed, a big congratulations to you! If unfortunately, you did not make it through, don’t worry, just keep on going on! There are more opportunities open for you.


Insights from Big Data analytics enable better business decisions and strategies. It helps determine root causes of issues and defects thus, contributing to cost and/or time reductions, new product development, and optimized offerings. Earning big data certification is a worthwhile investment, especially nowadays where the demand is high.

Once you have passed the certification exam, you are set to the real competition. It’s now time for you to advertise yourself to potential employers that would value your worth. Going to an interview is just as hard and as daunting as taking the certification exam. Nevertheless, prepare for it thoroughly and be confident. Your Big Data credential just adds a valuable asset in your qualifications. Aside from your certification, the interview day is very critical in your job application process. So, make the most out of it!

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