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About TK0-203 Exam

Exam TK0-203 is an essential part of gaining the CompTIA CTT+ certification. To be more precise it’s the second step after taking the first TK0-201 exam. CompTIA CTT+ is known to be a cross-industry certification that validates an instructor as having met high standards of IT education. This certificate is aimed at all types of trainers of different tech areas. It proves that one knows essential theory and valuable tools and techniques to provide students with the necessary knowledge. Moreover, it allows the instructors to choose the learning format they want to focus on: in-classroom or virtual. In both cases, they will be assessed on all the important objectives one has to be aware of to be a competent trainer.

Certification Path

To get CCT+ certified, candidates must pass both a computer-based test TK0-201 (CTT+ Essentials) that checks basic knowledge and a performance-based exam chosen from the two options: TK0-202 or TK0-203. In these practical tests, one must submit a video recording demonstrating the teaching abilities. A recording should have a duration of between 17 and 22 minutes and should fulfill the requirements set by the vendor.

Intended Audience

The CTT+ certification is for IT instructors who want to demonstrate that they are on par with a high standard in the field of training. CTT+ verifies the knowledge of the field as well as skills in the right application of tools and approaches required for effective teaching in today's classrooms. In addition, it is recommended by CompTIA that applicants have from 6 to 12 months of relevant experience.

Structure and Objectives of the Virtual Classroom Performance-based Exam CTT+ TK0-203

As was mentioned above, the video one should create for TK0-203 exam has limited timing. This is a strict requirement, and if your recording is more than 22 minutes the judges will not examine your performance and you will get rejected.

When preparing the video, start with identifying the knowledge module you are going to disclose. However, the module could be part of a larger class, but it should have its own learning objectives. In this case, make sure to explain how this portion fits into the bigger picture. Finally, note that your recording should be in mp4, MOV, AVI, or M4V format.

Referring to the TK0-203 exam, it’s known to be a performance-based exam which has to be in line with 5 objectives as discussed below.

Domain 1: Preparation for the course

This section requires one to examine the needs of the organization and the backgrounds of the students in relation to the course objectives. To address potential points of confusion or resistance, you must conduct more content research. In addition, determine the learners’ existing ability level and compare the results to the course prerequisites. You must also assess organizational needs for extra learning outcomes, as well as analyze the results of the learners’ needs assessment in connection to learning objectives.

Also, this domain highlights the relationship between the instructional environment and learning objectives. You should evaluate learner communications before the start of the course. These could be course announcements, confirmations, descriptions or agendas, as well as prerequisites and pre-course tasks, system check activity, support/helpdesk information, and material download instructions.

Domain 2: Instructional Delivery Methods and Media

First, this module is about Instructional Methods Selection and Implementation. You must follow the course designers’ instructions for delivery methods and make sure you alter your delivery methods to accommodate a wide range of learning styles. You should be able to engage students through a variety of learning styles that are appropriate for the material, the students, and the setting.

Also, you should learn more about presentation and instructional media usage. To support learning objectives and fulfill the requirements, you need to to use a variety of media and tools. Enhance, substitute, or develop media to support the learning objectives as needed.

Domain 3: Communication and Instructor Credibility

Competence in instructor delivery and content knowledge is a must for this section. You must maintain a consistent demeanor with all students and show confidence in and command of the subject matter. You should from learners the concrete examples of how their knowledge and abilities will be applied in the workplace.

Also, this domain covers communication and presentation skills. Make sure your pronunciation is accurate and has an appropriate speed as well as check if you use appropriate grammar and syntax, keeping in mind that you may be speaking to an international audience. Inflection, emphasis, and pauses can be used to explain and clarify topic points. Also, pay attention to the fact that all verbal and nonverbal communication should be bias-free. Additionally, use meaningful hints and verbal intonation to aid learning and draw attention to key themes.

Domain 4: Facilitation of Groups

Creating and maintaining a learner-centered environment is an important step. You should start a training session on a positive note, therefore making sure the learners are aware of the course outline. Obtain feedback from the students about their personal goals and expectations. Make any inconsistencies between learning objectives and learner expectations disappear. Create an environment that encourages learning and keeps the emphasis on the intended learning goals.

The promotion of learner participation and engagement is another subdomain included here. To notice and appreciate learner contributions, use active listening approaches. To challenge students, involve them and track their progress, make sure you offer a range of sorts and levels of questions. Use questions to guide them from content retention to application.

In addition, be ready to assess the learners’ needs for additional explanation and encouragement. To identify individuals who require explanation and feedback, interpret and confirm their verbal and nonverbal communication. Determine how to respond to learners’ requests for clarification and/or feedback and when to do so. Provide excellent feedback that is tailored to the needs of the students. Also, focus on motivation and positive reinforcement. Encourage and align learner’s achievement with the needs and goals of both the learner and the company. Furthermore, identify and implement relevant incentive tactics for particular students.

Domain 5: Assess the Training Session

Learner performance evaluation during and after instruction should be made for better results’ analysis. During recording, keep an eye on the progress of the students. Create, select, and administer knowledge checks that adhere to established and accepted measuring concepts. Also, you should perform the course evaluation. Examine the course design’s success, taking into account any changes made during delivery. Assess the training’s efficacy in meeting the learning objectives. Use the results of the evaluation to fine-tune and improve the performance at the next training event.

Career Opportunities

Passing the TK0-203 exam is essential to your career as it grants you the CompTIA CTT+ certification, which is accepted by companies including Cisco, Dell, Adobe, and Microsoft as proof that a trainer is certified to teach their programs. According to a Training Associates survey, 87% of respondents utilize instructor-led training (ILT) as their major learning method. Furthermore, 74% of firms use a blended learning strategy, combining ILT with a mobile, video, or social component. Thus, passing the CTT+ TK0-203 exam will vouch for your abilities as a top trainer in a virtual setting. Besides, a CompTIA CTT+ trainer can earn up to $76k per year, according to PayScale.

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