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Exam Exam Name
ITIL Practitioner ITIL Practitioner
ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition ITIL4 Managing Professional Transition
ITILFND V4 ITIL 4 Foundation
ITILSC-OSA ITIL Service Capability Operational Support and Analysis
ITILSC-SOA ITIL Service Capability Service Offerings and Agreements

About ITIL Certifications

ITIL certificates and exams are created & offered by AXELOS, an organization charged with developing, managing, and operating professional qualifications. In particular, this vendor offers varied ITIL certifications that focus on best practices as well as methodologies in ITSM (IT Service Management).

ITIL Certification Scheme

The ITIL certification path is about operating in a modular manner to the framework associated with ITIL. This comprises qualifications touching on varying aspects that relate to varied best practices. These qualifications, in detail, are of different tiers that include Foundation, Managing Professional, Strategic Leader, and Master. Note that these are levels belonging to the ITIL v4 designation plan, which is the latest structure. At the same time, there is also the ITIL v3 plan that includes five levels, however, this same structure will be stopped by the time the year 2021 is ending. In particular, the ITIL v3 levels include Foundation, Practitioner, Intermediate, Expert, and Master. Thus, below, a description of the varied popular ITIL evaluations is coming.

Famous ITIL Exams

So, when it comes to the most renowned ITIL tests, here’s what to look into:


    The ITILFND or ITIL Foundation exam introduces participants to core components, and concepts, in addition to terminology available within ITIL. Generally, the evaluation’s target is people needing to comprehend the basics surrounding ITIL as a structure and anyone else who has the desire to collect the knowledge regarding the same. So, if you have a desire to get more regarding ITSM, then the ITILFND test is what you need. When being assessed, you’ll be supplied with 40 MCQs lasting 1 hour. The minimum mark to get is 65% so that you’re supplied with the ITIL Foundation certification.

  • ITILFND v4

    The ITILFND v4 or ITIL v4 Foundation evaluation introduces interested individuals to the structure of ITIL 4 and allows them to view ITSM through a back-to-back operating model aimed at creating, delivering, and continually enhancing tech-based products in addition to services. Particularly, it targets beginners needing a basic comprehension of ITIL 4. This test has the same detail as the ITILFND and will bring you the ITIL v4 Foundation certificate.

  • ITIL Practitioner

    The ITIL Practitioner test extends practical instruction and guidance regarding the adoption as well as the adapting of the ITIL structure in supporting one’s objectives about business. As an outcome, practitioners will be drawing capacities in translating as well as utilizing such a structure. Keep in mind that such an evaluation is to be taken after the Foundation test, which implies that one will already be having the basics of the ITIL structure. As to exam peculiarities, the actual exam includes 40 MCQs having a duration of 135 minutes. Also, with 70% and more, one will have qualified for the ITIL Practitioner certificate. Foundation certificate.


    The ITILSC-OSA means ITIL Service Capability Operational Support & Analysis. This evaluation is among those for the workstream for ITIL Service Capability, and its attention is on how to practically apply OSA practices so that there is enabling of event, incident, problem, request, technical, access, IT operations, as well as app management. To add more, the best candidates for the ITILSC-OSA test include availability managers, applications support specialists, configuration managers, database administrators, network support professionals, problem managers, and IT operations managers, among others. Such an intermediate module leads to the ITIL Operational Support and Analysis certificate, and the final ITILSC-OSA evaluation is closed-book and includes 8 MCQs in each paper. Besides, you’ll be evaluated within 1.5 hours and are expected to get 70% and more so that you qualify for the final step, which is the coveted related designation.


    The ITILSC-SOA evaluation is among the modules for the ITIL Service Capability, and SOA in this case stands for Service Offerings and Agreements. In particular, its focus concerns how to apply, in a practical manner, the SOA practices so that varied things are enabled. These include portfolio, service catalog, demand, service level, supplier, as well as financial management. The creation of this intermediate-level evaluation is to assist organizations in addition to professionals to discover the five ITIL lifecycle stages and how organizations, as well as projects, can draw value from them. In more detail, these stages include Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, and Service Operation, in addition to Continual Service Improvement. As a rule, targeted participants include those in the IT profession and in roles such as IT finance managers, IT management specialists, capacity managers, service portfolio managers, and availability managers, among others. During the main testing, exam-takers will have 1.5 hours to accomplish it. Also, out of the 8 MCQs you get, you’ll need at least 70% of correct answers in order to get a pass and attain the ITIL Intermediate Module - Service Offerings and Agreements certificate.

Career Opportunities

Well, ITIL is there to offer assistance to specialists in operating with the widely adopted structure. Regarding best practices within service management as a whole, the ITIL structure has proven to be the best for most organizations. The availability of its many benefits is what is endearing to companies and businesses to consider and adopt it. This has led to popularity in the certificates relevant to this framework as well. Starting from the foundation all the way to the expert level, ITIL exams and designations have rendered many professionals more employable. With the deep comprehension of this structure and other areas such as service life cycles, ITIL tests as well as certificates have stood out from similar certifications from other vendors. When accredited, individuals set themselves apart from everyone else since what they know and what they are capable of doing is noticeable. The result of being a professional whose qualifications and capacities are in demand is good compensation. For example, the yearly pay, as evaluates, can come to around $88k for the ITIL Foundation. Plus, associated job positions include IT service delivery managers, IT managers, project managers, availability managers, IT operations managers, and others.

Certification Path

The professional path availed by ITIL is clear and easy to adopt by anyone in need of moving from one level to the other. With the ITIL v3 Foundation, it would be best to now consider the ITIL Practitioner. However, if you have already drawn the ITIL v4 Foundation certificate, consider the ITIL 4 Managing Professional as the next one.

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