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AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training Course
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AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

PDFs and exam guides are not so efficient, right? Prepare for your Microsoft examination with our training course. The AZ-900 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Microsoft certification exam. Pass the Microsoft AZ-900 test with flying colors.
137 Students Enrolled 85 Lectures 08:09:00 Hours

Curriculum For This Course

AZ-900 2020/2021 - Azure Fundamentals
Time 00:11:00
AZ-900 Course for 2020 - Understand cloud concepts
Time 00:24:00
AZ-900 Course for 2020 - Understand core Azure services
Time 00:47:00
AZ-900 Course for 2020 - Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust
Time 01:04:00
AZ-900 Course for 2020 - Azure pricing and support
Time 00:36:00
AZ-900 Course for 2020 - NOV 2020 Updates
Time 00:58:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Benefits of Cloud Computing
Time 00:16:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Cloud Models and Cloud Types
Time 00:16:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Core Azure Architectural Components
Time 00:27:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Core resources available in Azure
Time 00:45:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Azure Core Solutions
Time 00:36:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Azure Management Tools
Time 00:16:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Azure Security Features
Time 00:08:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Azure Network Security
Time 00:08:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Azure Identity Services
Time 00:19:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Azure Governance Features
Time 00:21:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Policy and Compliance Features
Time 00:14:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Managing Azure Costs
Time 00:18:00
NEW AZ-900 Course for 2021 - Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Time 00:05:00

About This Course

The individuals who decide to follow the Microsoft AZ-900 video course are interested in understanding how cloud services work and the ways they can use those services with the help of Microsoft Azure infrastructure. The lessons included in this video course help the examinees get the passing score in the AZ-900 exam and procure the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certificate.

Video Course General Details

All in all, this video training is split into 19 sections. Each of them includes different small videos that focus on helping the applicants get used to Azure services, understand how cloud concepts work, and manage core solutions with Azure features. The class has a total duration of 3 hours and 15 minutes and contains 85 lectures. During such a short amount of time, the candidates will have the opportunity to leverage their knowledge of Azure infrastructure and understand its particularities.

Skills and Knowledge Covered

The video session debuts with the Microsoft AZ-900 Fundamentals which are valid for the period 2020-2021. The following module includes information on cloud concepts and offers the individuals skills in how to better use cloud services. Besides, within this chapter, the applicants will learn about the paradigms they can use for hosting applications as well as how to manage hybrid, private, and public clouds. The third portion focuses on the fundamental Azure services. Hence, it’s important for candidates to learn about Azure Compute products and architectural components. Also, applicants can raise their chances to get the passing score in the Microsoft AZ-900 exam from the first attempt if they know how to work with core Azure solutions and handle related management tools. The following section consolidates the applicants’ knowledge of using compliance, security, trust, and privacy tools and Azure Identity services. Once they start getting more information on Azure infrastructure, the exam-takers will find lessons dedicated to the Azure support and pricing system. Besides, in the section dedicated to the AZ-900 updates, the examinees will find the latest details that were added to the test blueprint in November 2020. After that, the subsequent chapter will offer information on cloud computing, scaling, and cost benefits. Then, the individuals who decide to take such a video course will be able to consolidate their knowledge of cloud types and models. Additionally, they will watch videos that offer an overview of core components of Azure architecture as well as the most important resources that are available in Azure. When they reach the part dedicated to Azure Core Solutions, the candidates will find lessons that focus on the Internet of Things and Big Data solutions. In addition, this module includes demo videos on managing Azure Databricks. The following section focuses on Azure Management Tools. Therefore, the candidates will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills in how to manage Azure Advisor and Monitor tools and use ARM Templates to manage Azure components. The thirteenth portion focuses on Azure Security Features and is important for all candidates who want to take the Microsoft AZ-900 exam as it helps them understand how to use the Azure Sentinel and establish the highest level of security in Azure. The succeeding area continues to offer information on networking security. Therefore, the applicants who watch the lectures included in this video training will discover important details on Azure Network, NSG, and Firewall together with DDoS Protection. The next portion, in particular, expounds on Azure Identity Services, AD Conditional Access, and MFA. The final three chapters handle three essential concepts for any specialist who wants to become skilled in managing Azure infrastructure. Therefore, the candidates can watch videos dedicated to Azure Governance features and policies. Besides, they will gain knowledge of compliance and policy features, how to manage the costs associated with Azure, and creating Azure Service Level Agreements also known as SLAs.

Requirements for AZ-900 Video Course

The individuals who want to train for the AZ-900 certification exam with the help of this training course are recommended to have basic knowledge of how Azure infrastructure works. Additionally, going through the exam blueprint will be useful for candidates as it helps them understand the tested topics easier. In addition to all these, candidates must be knowledgeable about cloud concepts, networking, storage, compute, the development of apps, and the like.

Exam Structure

  • $99 is the required registration fee;
  • The final price might differ based on the country the candidates choose to take the proctored exam;
  • The available languages are Spanish, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English, and German;
  • The actual AZ-900 evaluation will contain 40-60 questions that you’ll have to solve in 60 minutes.

Ideal Candidates for This Video Course

  • Individuals who want to pass the Microsoft AZ-900 exam from the first try;
  • Candidates who want to add the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certificate under their belt;
  • Applicants interested in leveraging their skills in managing cloud concepts with the help of Azure workloads & services.


Any individual who decides to watch the videos included in this course will have a higher chance to pass the official Microsoft AZ-900 exam from the initial attempt. Each lesson, in particular, helps the candidates strengthen their knowledge of managing Azure services as well as workloads and understand their privacy and security particularities. More so, this video class comes with an important benefit for specialists who want to clear such a test and this is the fact that the lessons are short and include the most essential information of the tested domains.

Job Opportunities

  • Technology Manager;
  • Developer;
  • Administrator;
  • Business User.

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