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Exam Exam Name
AdWords Display Advertising Google AdWords: Display Advertising
AdWords Fundamentals Google AdWords Fundamentals
Adwords Mobile Advertising Google AdWords: Mobile Advertising
AdWords Search Advertising Google AdWords: Search Advertising
AdWords Shopping Advertising Google AdWords: Shopping Advertising
AdWords Video Advertising Google AdWords: Video Advertising
Apigee Certified API Engineer Apigee Certified API Engineer
Associate Android Developer Associate Android Developer
Associate Cloud Engineer Associate Cloud Engineer
Cloud Digital Leader Cloud Digital Leader
Google Analytics Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
Google Analytics Individual Qualification Google Analytics Individual Qualification
GSuite GSuite
Looker Business Analyst Looker Business Analyst
LookML Developer LookML Developer
Mobile Web Specialist Mobile Web Specialist
Professional Cloud Architect Professional Cloud Architect on Google Cloud Platform
Professional Cloud Database Engineer Professional Cloud Database Engineer
Professional Cloud Developer Professional Cloud Developer
Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer
Professional Cloud Network Engineer Professional Cloud Network Engineer
Professional Cloud Security Engineer Professional Cloud Security Engineer
Professional Collaboration Engineer Professional Collaboration Engineer
Professional Data Engineer Professional Data Engineer on Google Cloud Platform
Professional Google Workspace Administrator Professional Google Workspace Administrator
Professional Machine Learning Engineer Professional Machine Learning Engineer

About Google Certifications

When it comes to the most efficient and effective search engine, Google definitely tops the list. This multinational company is known for its user-friendly navigation setup and high-quality results, allowing them to dominate the search engine market as well as expand to internet-related products and services.

Getting to Know Google Certification Program

Prove your technical adeptness with a Google designation. Just like its diverse offerings of tech solutions and technologies, the accrediting program of Google is quite varied. Here, you are given the opportunity to hone your skills in cloud, data analytics, and Google Ads. In general, the certification track is grouped into different areas of technology, including Google Ads, Google Cloud, Google Developer, and Google Analytics, among others.

Delving into Some Popular Google Validations

Before you start your certification journey, let’s highlight some of the most in-demand Google designations to date, starting with the Google Cloud. The options in this category include the Cloud Digital Leader, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Cloud Security Engineer, and a lot more. Besides, this path is further categorized into different levels ― foundational, associate, and professional. And if you are more interested in analytics software, there’s the Google Analytics certification, which serves as a tool to develop your marketing skills, improve your customer base, and efficiently cover your target audience. On the other hand, they have Google Ad qualifications, and to become a Google Ads certified specialist, you have to accomplish an exam that focuses on a particular product area. In particular, these include the Google Ads Display, Google Ads Search, Google Ads Video, Google Ads Apps, Google Ads Measurement, and Shopping Ads.

Learning Best Candidates for Each Endorsement

It’s important to assess your background before choosing the certification because each track caters to a specific set of individuals. For example, the Google Cloud is meant for those who want to establish a career in the cloud such as cloud engineers, cloud architects, and the like. Google Ads and Google Analytics, on the contrary, target specialists in the marketing industry and can be of great help for business owners as well.

Understanding Several Google Exams

Securing a Google certificate is no doubt a great step to improve your career. But before acquiring this coveted endorsement, you have to go through the certification process, wherein you need to prepare and pass the required exam. To give you an overview, below are some of the tests that you will come across during the selection process:

  • Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE Exam)

    If you have at least 6 months of background in developing solutions on Google Cloud, then it’s highly recommended to pursue the Associate Cloud Engineer path. The certification exam allows you to become more proficient in deploying applications, monitoring operations, and supervising enterprise solutions. It also emphasizes your ability to work on Google Cloud Console as well as the command-line interface, which lets you deal with platform-based functions. The latter include setting up cloud solution environments, configuring cloud solutions, implementing cloud resources, ensuring successful cloud operations, managing service accounts, handling IAM, and such. Once you master the key areas, go register for the official exam and pay $125. The available languages for it are English, Japanese, and Spanish. Besides, the time duration is 2 hours and the questions are formatted in both multiple-choice and multiple-select types.

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ Test)

    The GAIQ is offered by Google to assess how well you understand Google Analytics. With such expertise, you can effectively leverage this tool within the company you’re working with. Therefore, you have to study for the actual exam and understand all the relevant areas associated with this famous web analytics service. Some of the key points that should be on your priority are account creation, tracking code implementation, data filter set up, etc. Then, it’s also a must to have an in-depth familiarity with the Google Analytics interface, reports, dashboards, shortcuts, and campaign tracking. Also, before taking the GAIQ test, you first need to sign up for Google Partners. Afterward, learn more about the exam technicalities. Generally, the GAIQ test follows a modular outline, which means you need to take one subject at a time. To add more, the final exam lasts for 90 minutes, with a total number of 70 multiple-choice and true/false questions. Also, you should get at least 80% to pass the evaluation. So, don’t worry because the GAIQ exam is free of charge.

  • Google Ads Display Evaluation

    Highlight your knowledge of Google Display by accomplishing the Google Ads Display path. Through this certification track, you are equipped with an incredible skill set in display advertisement, including its key tactics and campaigns that are all pertinent in achieving marketing objectives. Along with that, the related exam gears up your understanding of the core tasks such as translating visions into digital strategies and developing an effective Google Display strategy while incorporating bigger company marketing ideas, generating plans, reaching new and existing customers, and ensuring the alignment of plans with the budget. For this exam, you have to prepare for a total of 46 to 50 questions to be answered within 75 minutes and to attain the certificate, you need to gain at least 80% as a passing score.

Uncovering Career Benefits

Being a Google certified professional enables you to expand your knowledge and technical capabilities. And with such growth in your skillset, you’ll become more marketable. In all, the job opportunities for Google certification holders are very diverse. For instance, you can pursue a career in the cloud and become a cloud specialist or you can enter the field of digital marketing and transform into a Google Ads expert. Aside from the broad job roles, the increase in salary makes it more exciting. Thus, Associate Cloud Engineers normally earn $108,752 per year as claimed by ZipRecruiter while those with the Google Ads Display validation get an average of $65,600 per annum in accordance with the data retrieved from PayScale.

Pursuing More Technical Career Path

It’s highly recommended that you follow a concrete certification path if you aim to become a real expert. In case you want to establish a career in Google Cloud, start with the Cloud Digital Leader (Foundational) and then continue with the Cloud Engineer (Associate). Then, if you still want to go all the way up and prove your expertise, you may opt for the Cloud Architect, Cloud DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer (Professional), and the like. On the other hand, since Google Ads is not a progressive certification program, you may choose any certificate from their product areas listed earlier and pursue it.

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