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Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification Facts

The individuals who aim to obtain the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification are going to gain and validate advanced skills in configuring, securing, deploying, managing, and monitoring client apps and devices while developing activities in an enterprise scenario.

Candidates for Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate Certification

The most suitable applicants for this Microsoft certificate usually work as systems or process administrators. Their responsibilities include managing data and devices as well as tasks related to deploying Windows. Besides, they should be ready to learn how to configure connectivity and storage. Another objective that the target candidates have is upgrading and deploying operating systems and maintaining Windows, managing profiles and policies, devices, together with apps and data.

Certification Details

The professionals who want to obtain this accreditation need to get a passing score in two exams. The first one is coded MD-100. It focuses on validating the candidates’ ability to deploy and manage Windows 10 infrastructure. In case the applicants have already taken and aced the Microsoft 70-698 exam, they are not required to sit for MD-100. Going back to the details of MD-100, the candidates should know that they can take it in English only. Besides, it doesn’t have any retirement date. As for the registration fee, the professionals should be prepared to pay $165 to enroll in this exam. The price might differ based on the individual’s location.

The second exam is coded MD-101 and it focuses on validating the applicants’ competency in managing modern desktops. Again, if the candidates already passed the Microsoft 70-698 test, this MD-101 is the only test they have to pass. The fee for taking this exam is $165 also. The registration process should be finalized on the Pearson VUE platform for both tests.

Topics Covered by Microsoft MD-100 Exam

First things first, test MD-100 checks the candidates’ capacity to deploy Windows. They need to know how to install Windows 10 components without error, become able to identify the installation phases, and understand how to select the Windows version that is suitable for the business objectives. Additionally, they have to learn how to successfully handle the post-installation steps to finalize the configuration. Also, they should become familiar with customizing Windows desktop and configuring Internet Explorer and Edge.

The topics included in the Microsoft MD-100 exam blueprint continue by validating the examinees' skills in managing data and devices. Therefore, they should demonstrate the ability to manage groups as well as devices and users with the help of Active Directory Domain Services features. Additionally, they should learn how to use local policies to configure devices and ensure the highest level of security when configuring and deploying Windows. These involve skills in setting up UAC, the implementation of encryption, and more.

Within the chapter dedicated to storage and connectivity configuration, the test-takers should develop their knowledge of networking. Another topic covered here checks one’s abilities in setting up the protection along with data access. Thus, for this domain, the applicants should learn more about shared permissions, local storage configuration, network troubleshooting, NTFS permissions, storage optimization, setting up the permissions for folders and files, the configuration of mobile networking as well as IP settings, and others.

The final section included in the Microsoft MD-100 exam’s blueprint focuses on Windows maintenance. Therefore, the test-takers need to validate their competency in configuring data recovery and system features. Also, they should become experts in managing updates, monitoring and managing Windows, as well as configuring remote connectivity. Minute concepts included in this section are local registry configuration, using Windows Admin Center, troubleshooting updates, the creation of system restore points, and more.

Topics Covered by Microsoft MD-101 Exam

MD-101 exam focuses more on modern desktops. Thus, the first domain to master emphasizes operating systems deployment and upgrading. Therefore, the exam-takers should gain knowledge of planning Windows 10 deployment process and using Windows Autopilot to implement and plan Windows 10 infrastructure. Also, the professionals who decide to take this test are required to develop competency in implementing and planning Windows 10 elements with the help of MDT features. In addition, they should demonstrate that they are able to manage and configure VPN connections, certificates and accounts while working with Windows 10 system.

The following chapter validates the applicants’ knowledge of managing profiles and policies. For example, they will receive questions that test their skills in implementing compliance policies and configuring device profiles. Additionally, the examinees should improve their skills in managing and configuring user profiles. This also includes controlling the policy conflicts, the concepts of assigned access implementation, the configuration of sync settings, and others.

The third section necessary to be learnt for passing the Microsoft MD-101 exam focuses on device management and protection. Therefore, the test-takers should learn how to handle threat protection techniques, manage and implement the protection for devices and applications. Additionally, the examinees should become experts in managing Microsoft Intune devices, managing updates, and monitoring devices.

Finally, the applicants should demonstrate that they know how to manage data and apps. For example, some of the questions will aim to validate the candidates’ skills in updating and deploying applications. Besides, the professionals who want to get certified should demonstrate that they implement Mobile Application Management components as well as developing and implementing App Protection policies.

Career Path

The professionals who succeed in getting the passing score in both MD-100 and MD-101 exams and get certified will become competitive employees in their niche. Therefore, international organizations will be interested in hiring them in the positions like desktop administrator, systems administrator, and many others.

In addition, the certificate brings lucrative outcomes. The data provided by shows that a desktop administrator can earn approximately $51k per year. Also, if you decide to apply for the position of a systems administrator, then you may expect to receive an annual payment of $63k.

Certification Path

The professional who succeed in earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certificate can continue consolidating their careers with other certifications offered by Microsoft. For example, they can apply for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert or the Microsoft 365 Certified: Messaging Administrator Associate accreditations. The more certifications they add to their resumes, the more chances they will have to be accepted to work in multinational enterprises.

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