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About TK0-202 Exam

The CompTIA TK0-202 exam is a performance-based test necessary for obtaining the CompTIA Certified Classroom Trainer (CTT+) certification. It requires candidates to demonstrate their practical teaching skills.

Candidates for CompTIA TK0-202 Exam

The most suitable candidates for the CompTIA TK0-202 exam are those interested in validating and consolidating their training abilities. In general, target applicants for this test work as training consultants or academic instructors and want to learn how to deliver effective learning programs. Also, the best audience for TK0-202 is formed of Career Technical Training Instructors who need to improve their ability to provide comprehensive lessons to learners and keep them engaged. Additionally, the applicants should be familiar with additional learning tools and have to know how to address any misunderstandings and potential questions that might appear from the learners’ side.

Exam Overview

CompTIA TK0-202 exam is the second test necessary for obtaining the CompTIA CTT+ certificate while the first one is coded TK0-201. TK0-202 is not a standard exam that includes a certain number of questions to which the candidates need to answer correctly and get a minimum passing score. In this case, the applicants have to submit a video recording of a classroom training to be reviewed by certified scorers. The recording must be between 17 to 22 minutes. The video will be reviewed by CompTIA experts who will check if the trainer followed the certification’s objectives. Also, there is still a passing mark, which is 36 points out of 48.

The vendor doesn’t have any mandatory requirements for TK0-202 applicants. Still, it recommends that the test-takers have between 6 to 12 months of practical experience as trainers or instructors. Additionally, CompTIA states that the recordings can be submitted in different languages. Apart from English, one can record the video in Dutch, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Finally, the registration fee for the CompTIA TK0-202 exam is $360. Also, note that TK0-202 focuses on the in-classroom learning skills while an alternative TK0-203 exam checks an ability to handle lessons in the virtual format.

Topics Tested in TK0-202 Exam

As the CompTIA TK0-202 exam is not a standard exam, the candidates need to check carefully the overall process of taking it. Before they send the video recording, the applicants will need to check whether it follows the set requirements. Thus, a candidate who wants to get the minimum passing score in the CompTIA TK0-202 test must demonstrate the following set of skills:

  • Planning the phases before delivering the course

    The candidates should be able to identify the learner’s knowledge level and assess their needs. In addition, the examinees have to know how to personalize the training content to meet both the learners’ and organization’s needs without compromising the course’s design and key objectives. In addition, the exam-takers should gain knowledge on the communication tools they need to send to learners prior to starting the course. For example, the applicants should demonstrate that they are aware of how to design the course’s announcement, agenda, offer support information and instructions to use the materials.

  • Selecting and using the instructional delivery tools and media

    When building and delivering the course, the test-takers should know what are the right media tools they can use to match their target audience’s needs. Also, they need to learn how to monitor their learners’ comfort level during the class and adapt the delivery methods according to them. Another objective included in this chapter focuses on identifying different learning techniques to engage with the students. The trainers who enroll in this exam should also improve their ability to introduce different methods to provide their content. For example, they can use steps in a process, compare and contrast, and other options that will help the training attendees to get the best of the course.

  • Improve the instructor’s credibility and communication methods

    Any trainer who wants to pass the CompTIA TK0-202 exam should keep the same behavior irrespective of the type of learners they interact with. Additionally, the CompTIA certified scorers will check whether the trainer delivers the course with confidence and has an advanced level of knowledge on the topics. Besides, the trainers should help the learners identify how they can implement the theoretical information taught in class in their organizations and business scenarios. The applicants should also use the proper communication methods and demonstrate that they have the skills needed to keep a positive atmosphere in the classroom and avoid criticism when delivering the course. When it comes to communication, the scorers will also check whether the trainer pronounces the words correctly and has an appropriate tempo without any grammar or syntax errors.

  • Facilitating communication and connection within the group

    A successful trainer should open the session with positivism. Also, before delivering the information to the learners, the trainer should communicate the course’s agenda and performance objectives as well as encourage the learners to express their expectations and objectives. In case they identify any discrepancies between the course’s objectives and course attendees' expectations, the trainer should mitigate them and find common grounds. Besides, the trainer should encourage the learners to interact with each other, promote an environment without criticism, and create different opportunities so that the learners can learn from each other and work together. This can be achieved through active listening and making use of the direct questions in an appropriate way.

  • Evaluating the training’s performance

    The final section validates the candidates’ ability to monitor their attendees’ progress during the training class. Also, they should demonstrate that they selected and developed different measurement methods to check whether the learning reached the objectives. For example, the trainer can compare the students’ accomplishments with the course’s key goals. Besides, the successful exam-takers can suggest extra training resources that will help in reinforcing studies. In addition, the trainers should consolidate their knowledge in preparing an end-of-course report that includes the conclusions.

Career Path

The candidates who succeed in passing the CompTIA TK0-202 exam can apply to well-paid positions, such as academic instructor, training consultant, and training developer, among the rest. According to, being CTT+ certified, you can earn annually $76,370. This salary seems to be attractive, doesn’t it?

Certification Path

Since by passing the CompTIA TK0-202 exam and obtaining the CTT+ certification, there’s no further level to advance your skills in the chosen pathway, you can expand your skills by enrolling in one of the core certifications and then follow the Infrastructure or Cybersecurity pathway. This choice will also open you further career opportunities.

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