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TOGAF 9 Certified Certification Facts

The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certified designation is suitable for those specialists who have already gone through the certification process for TOGAF 9 Foundation and want to consolidate their competencies by applying TOGAF 9 standards.

Candidates for TOGAF 9 Certified Validation

The candidates interested in obtaining the TOGAF 9 Certified designation are interested in consolidating their skills in using and implementing TOGAF 9 principles in a business context. Also, this certificate focuses on those specialists who already work in an international organization that uses the TOGAF 9 standards. Therefore, this certification will help examinees validate their skills and make them eligible for taking part in varied architecture initiatives and projects. Additionally, this certification is suitable for any project architect who receives new responsibilities related to architecture artifacts development. Another category of suitable candidates for the TOGAF 9 Certified certificate is formed of the architects who want to start applying TOGAF 9 standards to real projects. Finally, the TOGAF 9 Certified focuses on any individual who wants to add an international certificate under his/her belt and consolidate his/her ability to properly use the TOGAF 9 principles.

TOGAF 9 Certified Exams

All in all, candidates can get the TOGAF 9 Certified designation if they get a passing score on two tests. In more detail, the applicants can choose to take each exam at a time or combine them and take only one test. The first exam name is the TOGAF 9 Part 1, and depending on the chosen language, the candidates can find it based on different codes. For instance, if applicants take it in English, then the exam code is OG0-091. However, if you decide to pass the exam in other languages, the codes will be different, thus the Brazilian Portuguese version, it will be OG0-094, for Simplified Chinese - OG0-096, the French - OG0-F91, and Latin American Spanish - OG0-S91. In particular, this test can be taken either via the Online Proctored mode or in Pearson VUE test centers. What is more, the official exam includes 40 multiple-choice questions, and the candidates will need to get a passing score of 55% in a maximum of 60 minutes. The second test that the applicants need to take is known as the TOGAF 9 Part 2. Again, depending on the exam language, the codes will be different as well. So, the English version has the code OG0-092 while the Brazilian Portuguese option has the code OG0-095, Simplified Chinese - OG0-097, the French - OG0-F92, and the Latin American Spanish test version has the code OG0-S92. Note that the examinees need to pass the TOGAF 9 Part 1 exam and obtain the TOGAF 9 Foundation certificate before taking this evaluation, and in the main test, the exam-takers will need to answer 8 complex multiple-choice scenario-based inquiries in 90 minutes. Also, candidates will pass this exam if they obtain a minimum passing score of 60%. Finally, as mentioned above, the partakers can sit for only one combined exam and thus, attain the TOGAF 9 Certified designation. This also depends on the language option and is coded OG0-093 if you take the final exam in the English language. Also, if you opt for the exam in Simplified Chinese, it will be referred to as OG0-098. What concerns the details for the blended test, it will contain two sections that have the same peculiarities as the TOGAF 9 Part 1 and TOGAF 9 Part 2 exams. Pay attention that irrespective of the language examinees choose for their tests, they will need to pay a registration fee of $360 per exam. However, when it comes to the combined evaluation, it will require you to splash out $550.

Skills Validated in TOGAF 9 Certified Designation Evaluations

As a rule, the individuals who take the TOGAF 9 Certified certification tests have already obtained the TOGAF 9 Foundation certificate. This means that they are familiar with TOGAF 9 standards and know how to apply them in a business environment. While they move forward to take the TOGAF 9 Certified tests, the specialists should become pros in applying the ADM phases while developing the Enterprise Architecture process and working with its features. Besides, the certification exams will validate their knowledge of applying the Architecture Governance most important principles and particularities during this development process. During the certification process, the examinees will also get exposed to Architecture Content Framework and will need to understand how they can apply the vendor’s principles in this context. Additionally, they will develop a solid knowledge of applying Stakeholder Management Technique and Building Blocks concepts and understand their features along with exceptions. Then, the TOGAF 9 Part 1 and TOGAF 9 Part 2 exams test the candidates' capacity to apply the components and features while working with the TOGAF Content Metamodel. Besides, the test-takers will consolidate their ability to use the TOGAF Technical Reference Model and personalize it according to the business objectives. On top of these, the individuals who decide to get certified should demonstrate a solid knowledge of using the Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model. In addition to developing this skill, the examinees should also be able to identify the most important deliverables while working with the ADM cycle. Plus, they should consolidate their expertise in working with the Enterprise Architecture model and understand its partitions as well as personalizing it to meet the organization’s objectives. To add more, the applicants’ understanding of how the Architecture Repository works is also tested during the certification exams, and they should demonstrate that they can use the ADM phases together with features to apply different architecture levels and iteration specifics. Besides, the candidates should be able to quickly customize the ADM cycle to meet security requirements and get an overview of how the architecture maturity models can influence the Enterprise Architecture. Finally, partakers should be aware of how to apply the Architecture Skills Framework in their organization and understand how it can influence business performance.

Career Opportunities for TOGAF 9 Certified Exam-Passers

A professional who succeeds in passing the TOGAF 9 Certified designation exams will have the opportunity to add a prestigious certificate under their belt. Therefore, they will become eligible for different well-paid jobs in international organizations. Below, you can find some popular examples:

  • Enterprise Architect;
  • Solutions Architect;
  • IT Architect.

According to the information available on, an Enterprise Architect can earn an average annual payment of approximately $135k. Besides, if you decide to build a career as a Solutions Architect, then you should expect to receive an offer of about $120k annually. Lastly, if you become a certified IT Architect, you’ll yearly get paid almost $118k.

Certification Path

A candidate who is successful in obtaining the TOGAF 9 Certified validation can continue his/her certification path with the Open Group. For example, the next step would be to obtain the TOGAF Business Architecture (Level 1) or the TOGAF Integrating Risk and Security certifications.

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