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Hybrid Cloud Observability Network Monitoring Hybrid Cloud Observability Network Monitoring
NPM Network Performance Monitor
SCP-500 SolarWinds Certified Professional

About SolarWinds Certifications

Catering to a wide range of IT areas, from network management to IT security to managed service providers, SolarWinds supports businesses in keeping their systems, networks, and infrastructures in tiptop condition. In particular, this multinational organization helps you deal with the most challenging IT management issues through its extensive collection of software applications.

Get Clued up about SolarWinds and Its Certification Program

Becoming an expert in SolarWinds is such a great opportunity to enhance your skills and grow your career. And you’re lucky enough because this firm backs up individuals who want to gain technical proficiency with their key products and solutions. Through the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) program, you’ll get a solid command of the ways on how to manage and maintain relevant products within the SolarWinds network and systems management. Besides, it substantiates that you have the right set of abilities that allows you to troubleshoot and resolve concerns in a much more strategic approach. Plus, the SCP curriculum is under the extensive SolarWinds Academy, which gives you the chance to train for the certification through high-quality courses and eLearning videos. Their classes are delivered in various formats to provide options to users and include instructor-led or virtual courses. On top of these training materials, the vendor also provides a series of study aids, webcasts, and other beneficial resources that you can use throughout your certification path.

Learn Relevant Details of Becoming SolarWinds Certified Professional

Transforming yourself into a SolarWinds Certified Professional is a viable goal ― as long as you know the specifications of the certification. Thus, anyone pursuing this technical path must be ready to partake in a learning journey to improve your SolarWinds adeptness. In a nutshell, the SCP program is built in accordance with a network of professionals around the world and focuses on enabling and expanding the relevance of SolarWinds solutions in the information technology industry. Unlike other accrediting bodies, such a company only offers one certification path that is secured upon completion of product-specific exams. Once you become a SolarWinds Certified Professional, your endorsement is legal and binding for up to 3 years. So, the length of validity allows certified professionals to keep their skills current and up-to-date with the newest product features as well as the changing software tools.

Know Target Audience of SCP Program

The best candidates for the SCP program are tech specialists with knowledge in dealing with varied SolarWinds products. Plus, these individuals should have a prior understanding of managing systems, applications, networks, security features, and compliance issues. To fully fit the target audience for the affiliated exam, it’s highly recommended that you have at least 1 year of experience in a technical job role, plus 6 months of background in working with SolarWinds solutions. Aside from these relevant operational tasks, it’s also advisable to have awareness of technologies and processes associated with PerfStack, AppStack, and NetPath, among others.

Uncover Details of Certification Tests

As mentioned earlier, such a certification vendor only has one designation program on offer but with several exams specializing in a particular field. At present, there are nine tests available:

  • Architecture and Design;
  • Access Rights Manager;
  • Database Performance Analyzer;
  • Diagnostics;
  • NetFlow Traffic Analyzer;
  • Network Configuration Manager;
  • Network Performance Monitor;
  • Security Event Manager;
  • Server & Application Monitor.

As to the test nature, all the SCP exams run for 90 minutes and consist of 75 questions that are provided in multiple-choice format. On the other hand, each exam fee is $200, which already includes one retake voucher. And if you have at least 60,000 THWACK points, then you can use such to pay the registration. For your information, THWACK is SolarWinds’ user community that allows you to capitalize on your account to pay for the fee. Once you complete the monetary requirements, you need to register for the chosen exam either online via the SolarWinds official site or with a third-party proctoring site, which in this case is PSI Services. This remote-proctoring technology administers all SolarWinds tests, permitting you to take the final evaluation at any web browser at your own convenience.

Wade through Career Opportunities

Most employers prioritize those candidates with certifications because of their excellent capabilities that lead to better completion of business processes and company goals. This general notion applies to the SolarWinds Certified Professional. Successful candidates for the SCP exam are rewarded with a BadgeCert that demonstrates their expertise in SolarWinds technologies. As a rule, such validation is provided in both a digital badge and a certificate, which you can maximize when applying for a job or a higher position. Plus, your qualification can easily be verified by employers through the official BadgeCert site. Also, as you secure this coveted qualification from SolarWinds, you’ll also join their global community, allowing you to expand your network reach and gain more knowledge from experts in the field. In addition, certified individuals get exclusive invitations from SolarWinds product managers, Head Geeks, and other experts for the latest webcasts. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to GNS3 courses, which are very significant for SolarWinds professionals. According to the vendor, there are over 300,000 customers globally who utilize SolarWinds products. This makes them a thriving solution for many tech organizations and businesses around the world. And because of their international recognition, there are plenty of jobs available for SolarWinds certification holders. Some of these jobs, in particular, include senior network engineers, retail solutions consultants, system engineers, developers, systems administrators, senior sales specialists, lead generation specialists, and network architects. And since employers know that your skills are validated by such a reputable organization, it establishes your expertise in responding to your tasks proficiently and solving related concerns with ease. As a result, you’ll get a better salary rate. For instance, if you’re a systems administrator working in the US, you normally get $62,979 per annum as stated by Payscale. And if you present your SolarWinds Certified Professional validation, then your wage will surely surge up, considering your mastery of SolarWinds products.

Establish Credible Certification Path

As you remember, SolarWinds focuses on one technical path and that is the SolarWinds Certified Professional program. This means that there’s only one certification route to partake. Even so, this single designation route is very useful in improving your skills and expanding your marketability. So, try to assess your working experience beforehand and plot your goals smartly. And if this certificate is the one that caters to your career aspirations, renew it every three years to enjoy its benefits and stay up-to-date in the relative field.

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