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Practice Exams:

All SOA Exams

Exam Exam Name
S90.01 Fundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing (S90-01A)
S90.02 SOA Technology Concepts (S90-02A)
S90.03 SOA Design & Architecture (S90-03A)
S90.08 Advanced SOA Design & Architecture (S90-08A)
S90.09 SOA Design & Architecture Lab (S90-09A)

About SOA Certifications

As part of the excellent certification and training program by Arcitura, the SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) curriculum focuses on improving your knowledge in contemporary service-oriented architecture, along with service technology, service APIs, and microservices. SOACP is such a great tool in empowering tech professionals like you to shine in the field of service-driven automation solutions.

Uncovering SOACP Program

Overall, under the SOACP Program, there are two paths ― SOACP Gen 1 and SOACP Gen 2. These two categories highlight your mastery of service-oriented architecture and technology. Thus, SOACP Gen 1 is the old version while SOACP 2 is the newest one. In each of these groups, the exams follow a unique code that parallels the total number of modules offered, which are normally 20. Additionally, each test comes with an alphabetic identifier, either A or B, to correspond to a particular generation. Those that end with “A” are part of the first generation while exam codes with “B” are included in the second one. For example, S90.01A is part of SOACP Gen 1. In a nutshell, the release of SOACP Gen 2 is in relation to the latest industry updates and developments, which are highly needed in service-oriented architecture, service technology, and microservices as well as API design, management, and containerization. Plus, SOACP Gen 2 takes into account courses from SOACP Gen 1, together with the newest content and updates. However, do take note that the certifications, exams, courses, and self-study kits from SOACP Gen 1 will only be available until December 31, 2022.

Get to Know More about Certifications on Offer

In this article, we will focus on the designations covered by SOACP Gen 1. The options here are the Certified SOA Professional, Certified SOA Consultant, Certified SOA Analyst, Certified SOA Architect, Certified SOA Java Developer, Certified SOA .NET Developer, Certified SOA Security Specialist, Certified SOA Governance Specialist, and Arcitura Certified Trainer. Each certificate has its own requirement, which corresponds to a series of tests. For instance, the Certified SOA Professional involves the completion of S90.01A plus one version exam according to your choice. On the other hand, the Certified SOA Consultant requires you to accomplish 5 tests ― S90.01A, S90.02A, S90.03A, S90.04A, and S90.05A.

Ascertain Target Audience

In general, SOACP validations are designed for applicants in the service-oriented architecture industry. Usually, these individuals are assigned to the implementation of relevant computer systems applications, and as there are no formal prerequisites, it’s easy for you to grow your skills and develop your career with SOACP.

Determine SOACP Certification Exams

If you’re interested in pursuing the SOACP Gen 1 path, knowing the related tests in advance is very helpful. To make your certification journey more convenient, we will be discussing 3 of the most renowned exams from SOACP Gen 1.

  • S90.01A

    The S90.01A exam often serves as the central requirement of most SOACP Gen 1 certifications. It’s because such an evaluation is associated with 8 designations from the SOACP Gen 1, including the Certified SOA Professional, Certified SOA Consultant, Certified SOA Analyst, Certified SOA Architect, Certified SOA Java Developer, Certified SOA .NET Developer, Certified SOA Governance Specialist, and Certified SOA Security Specialist. The main objective of an exam like this is to equip you with a fundamental understanding of SOA as well as the computing that is service-oriented. In addition, some of the important points that you need to understand include the key terminologies, strategic goals, concepts related to services, service compositions, service-orientation paradigm, approaches for the SOA project delivery, service delivery lifecycle, impacts for the SOA adoption, SOA connection points, and such. The time duration for the S90.01A is 60 minutes and is delivered via Pearson VUE.

  • S90.02A

    The test coded S90.02A is the second on the list, which is a core requirement for the Certified SOA Consultant, Certified SOA Architect, Certified SOA Java Developer, Certified SOA .NET Developer, and Certified SOA Security Specialist. In all, you need to allocate a total of 60 minutes to answer this evaluation. The primary coverage of the official exam involves the Web industry technologies and protocols that are relevant in developing today’s services. These include XML, XML schema, standards organizations, architecture that is component-based, web services, REST services, service agents, roles for services, service activities, service registries, MEPs, WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI. In addition, this test embraces topics such as Web Service Anatomy, WS-BPEL, ESB, advanced messaging, and reliable messaging, among others.

  • S90.03A

    The Arcitura S90.03A primarily tackles SOA design and architecture. In particular, this 60-minute exam administered by Pearson VUE expounds on the relevance of the service-oriented architectural model along with the service-orientation design paradigm. Some of the core areas emphasized here are the retrospection of service orientation, SOA theory basics, comparison between service-orientation and Silo-based design, SOA model characteristics, service capabilities, composition runtime, service-orientation design principles, contract-first design, uniform contracts, and standardized serviced contracts. The coverage continues with the subjects associated with service loose coupling, service reusability, service autonomy, service statelessness, service discovery, and SOA patterns for a design.

Identify Career Opportunities Highlighted by SOACP Certifications

Achieving a SOACP designation unbars several benefits that make you a standout in your chosen field. First of all, it transforms you into a skilled professional with real-world knowledge and abilities in service technology and service-oriented architecture. Since SOACP qualifications are considered vendor-neutral, your job opportunities aren’t limited. Thus, you can dive into different industries that capitalize on service, microservice, and service-oriented architecture. Moreover, your validated skillset offers you an edge over other applicants as service-oriented architecture professionals are typically paid almost $130k per year as claimed by Payscale. Aside from these benefits, passing the chosen exams welcomes you to the AITCP Community.

Learn Ideal Certification Path to Follow

The SOACP certification path is very extensive. Henceforth, you have a lot of options to choose from. If you’re a beginner, it’s highly recommended that you start with the Certified SOA Professional. Subsequently, you can strengthen your skills through more advanced validations like the Certified SOA Consultant, Certified SOA Analyst, and Certified SOA Architect. For experienced developers, they may pursue either the Certified SOA Java Developer or Certified SOA .NET Developer, depending on their professional background. Other options are the Certified SOA Security Specialist, Certified SOA Governance Specialist, and Arcitura Certified Trainer.

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