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All ServiceNow Exams

Exam Exam Name
CAD ServiceNow Certified Application Developer
CAS-PA Certified Application Specialist – Performance Analytics
CIS-APM Certified Implementation Specialist - Application Portfolio Management
CIS-CM Certified Implementation Specialist - Cloud Management
CIS-CPG Certified Implementation Specialist - Cloud Provisioning and Governance
CIS-CSM Certified Implementation Specialist - Customer Service Management
CIS-Discovery Certified Implementation Specialist - Discovery
CIS-EM Certified Implementation Specialist - Event Mangement
CIS-FSM Certified Implementation Specialist - Field Service Mangement
CIS-HAM Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management
CIS-HR Certified Implementation Specialist - Human Resources
CIS-ITSM Certified Implementation Specialist - IT Service Management
CIS-PPM Certified Implementation Specialist - Project Portfolio Management
CIS-RC Certified Implementation Specialist - Risk and Compliance
CIS-SAM Certified Implementation Specialist - Software Asset Management
CIS-SIR Certified Implementation Specialist - Security Incident Response
CIS-SM Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping
CIS-VR Certified Implementation Specialist - Vulnerability Response
CIS-VRM Certified Implementation Specialist - Vendor Risk Management
CSA ServiceNow Certified System Administrator

About ServiceNow Certifications

The cloud-based company called ServiceNow offers SaaS targeting support for technical management. This is to assist organizations in managing digital workflows linked to their enterprise operations. The company also assists organizations in building their expertise and realizing a faster ROI by certifying specialists who will work with them. Below, we will capture some details of all ServiceNow exams.

ServiceNow Certification Program

The ServiceNow plan available to potential candidates in need of certificates covers varying portfolios. In particular, they include IT, Customer Service, HR, and others related to ServiceNow Platform, and thus, you could attain several levels of certification including the Implementation Specialist, Application Developer, Application Specialist, and System Administrator. What follows next is a brief description targeting each ServiceNow exam related to these scopes.

ServiceNow Tests

The ServiceNow expansive program covers the necessary technologies for those who are only getting started in IT as well as those whose desire is to expand their existing skills. Thus, the evaluations for those two categories include:

  • Certified Application Developer

    The ServiceNow Certified Application Developer (CAD) exam captures the necessities of becoming an application developer. It affirms the certified candidate’s skills in addition to necessary knowledge concerning the development of apps for solving business challenges. As to the CAD exam details, it includes 60 MCQs which are single-answer as well as multiple-select formats that you need to solve in 90 minutes.

  • CIS‑Application Portfolio Management

    The CIS-APM evaluation, which means the Certified Implementation Specialist-Application Portfolio Management, is about the capacity of an individual in contributing towards the configuring, executing, and maintaining of ServiceNow APM app that includes portals, associated reports, in addition to its integrations with more apps. To add more, the official evaluation can be taken by customers and partners for ServiceNow, employees, as well as anyone interested in the role of ServiceNow APM Implementer. As a result, in the real test, participants will encounter 30 MCQs, with some being single-answer and the rest multiple-answer questions.

  • CIS-Cloud Provisioning and Governance

    The CIS-Cloud Provisioning and Governance exam applies to individuals seeking the capacity to configure, administer, execute, and maintain Cloud Provisioning as well as Governance apps within the platform for ServiceNow. The final test has 45 MCQs, with some needing single answers and others needing multiple answers to be selected.

  • CIS-Customer Service Management

    The CIS-CSM exam concerns an individual’s expertise in leading and contributing towards the matters of configuration, execution, in addition to maintenance of CSM application linked to ServiceNow. When it comes to its structure, it carries 60 MCQs where you’re to select single answers for some items and multiple answers for others. Besides, this is a pass or fail exam, which means you’ll get to know your score once you submit the paper.

  • CIS-Discovery

    The CIS-Discovery evaluation regards essential skills in the configuration, administration, execution, in addition to maintenance of the Discovery app within the system for ServiceNow. Additionally, it has 45 MCQs, which are multiple-select as well as single-answer questions.

  • CIS-Event Management

    The ServiceNow CIS-EM evaluation, which means the Certified Implementation Specialist-Event Management, refers to the configuration, administration, carrying out, and maintenance of tasks which are particular to the Event Management app within the ServiceNow system. Overall, there are 30 MCQs that expect exam participants to choose single answers for some items and multiple answers for the others. In addition, the time allotted for the whole exam is 90 minutes.

  • CIS-Field Service Management

    The CIS-FSM or the Certified Implementation Specialist-Field Service Management test looks at how to configure, implement, and maintain the Field Service app for ServiceNow. In particular, it includes 60 MCQs requiring both multiple-select as well as single answers. Plus, prior to taking such a test, you need to have at best 6 months of the related work experience.

  • CIS-Human Resources

    The CIS-HR evaluation is regarding bearing the capacity in configuring, executing, and maintaining the Human Resources set of applications for ServiceNow. In the actual exam, test-takers are to find MCQs needing single responses as well as those needing multiple answers.

  • CIS-IT Service Management

    The CIS-ITSM exam applies to those desiring essential adroitness in configuring, executing, and maintaining ServiceNow apps for ITSM. To do this, the candidates for the actual test are to experience 60 MCQs, where some will need single responses, while others will need multiple ones. Besides, the time given for finalizing a test like this will be 90 minutes.

  • CIS-Project Portfolio Management

    For the CIS-PPM exam, the target is adequacy in carrying out tasks for PPM apps linked to ServiceNow. In detail, this includes configuration, execution, as well as maintenance. Also, exam participants will meet 60 MCQs in the real exam that will have to be completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • CIS-Risk and Compliance

    The CIS-RC concerns individuals looking for acumen in the areas of configuring, executing, and maintaining ServiceNow apps targeting Risk, Policy, as well as Compliance, in addition to Audit Management. All in all, 45 MCQs are to be answered by those who apply to take a test like this.

  • CIS-Software Asset Management

    As it’s clear from the name, the evaluation for the CIS-SAM concerns Software Asset Management and includes 60 MCQs. Particularly, participants will be seeking to get the necessary adroitness in configuring, executing, and maintaining the SAM Professional app for ServiceNow.

  • CIS-Security Incident Response

    Another name for the CIS-Security Incident Response exam is the CIS-SIR, and it is about executing apps for Security Incident Response by carrying 60 MCQs that candidates will have to solve in just 90 minutes.

  • CIS-Service Mapping

    The CIS-SM has 60 MCQs that concern configuring, executing, administering, and maintaining the app for Service Mapping which is linked to ServiceNow. To register for an exam like this, you need to use the ServiceNow Webassessor platform by using an exam voucher.

  • CIS-Vulnerability Response

    The CIS-VR test applies to people needing to earn expertness in configuring, executing, and maintaining the Vulnerability Response Implementation associated with ServiceNow. In the exam paper, there will be 45 MCQs, and to gain a pass status, you need to answer the majority of them.

  • CIS-Vendor Risk Management

    The ServiceNow CIS-VRM is about configuring, executing, and maintaining the Vendor Risk Management app related to ServiceNow. Also, it is to include 60-75 MCQs which are to be done in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • Certified System Administrator

    The CSA evaluation concerns mastery in system administration for ServiceNow. It checks whether someone is capable of managing the configuration, execution, as well as maintenance in relation to the ServiceNow system. In all, 60 MCQs will be used to check one’s capability within the time limit of 90 minutes.

Career Prospects and Salary

Undoubtedly, having a ServiceNow certificate means more marketability. And many companies are now utilizing the platform, thus, making your validation valuable. In all, you can begin applying for a job depending on the niche you’ve chosen and be assured to get the job as many industries in IT and services like healthcare, insurance, computer software, governance, and more are using ServiceNow. With attractive salaries, your designation will always prove worthwhile. For example, being a ServiceNow administrator, you’ll likely get about $110k annually according to what indicates on their website.

Certification Path

The ServiceNow system of certification covers varying paths which include the Implementation Specialist, Application Developer, Application Specialist, and Administrator. After gaining one specialist certificate, you can move onto another one while considering the kind of growth you’d wish to achieve professionally. On the other hand, if you’ve just completed the CSA evaluation and have been accredited, you might wish to check out for a certificate in the Developer path based on where you’d like to be in terms of your career.

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