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Exam Exam Name
810-01 RCPE Certified Professional Network & Infrastructure Visibility
830-01 RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization

About Riverbed Certifications

Riverbed is an institution supporting organizations’ modernization of networks as well as apps with well-recognized solutions including SD-WAN, app acceleration, as well as visibility. Through its platform, such an organization helps in building the capacity of professionals by offering comprehensive training and prestigious certificates. Thus, this is a description of varied Riverbed exams, but first, we’ll begin by looking at a brief overview of its certification system.

Riverbed Certification Program

This vendor has a training and certification system called the Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE). Overall, there are three training and certificate levels, with each covering differing product areas. They are the Foundations, Associate (Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - RCSA), and Professional (Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - RCSP). The fields measured are WAN Optimization, Application Performance Management, Network Performance Management, HCB, and NPCM. For any scheduling of any Riverbed evaluation, you need to make arrangements with the Pearson VUE website, and now, let’s briefly describe each of the Riverbed exams.

Riverbed Exams

When it comes to the most renowned Riverbed evaluations, here’s what to explore:

  • 101-01

    The 101-01 test is attached to the RCSA-WAN Optimization certificate. It covers the introduction to WAN optimization and is meant for IT specialists who are new to learning about hybrid enterprise along with the alignment of business, designing, and execution of solutions for WAN Optimization to actual-world cases.

  • 199-01

    The Riverbed 199-01 exam is linked to the RCSP-WAN Optimization designation. It covers the place of technology for WAN Optimization in accelerating the delivery of apps over hybrid WAN targeting modern IT-based enterprises. Also, it prepares professionals to comprehend how to enhance app performance to increase the experience of users, which leads to enhanced productivity.

  • 201-01

    The Riverbed 201-01 evaluation is for the associate level and is also referred to as Network Performance Management. It introduces takers to the management of network performance and captures visibility solutions that offer greater control with regards to your network as well as IT infrastructure, which is essential when businesses are moving into hybrid infrastructures and offering more digital-based services. Still, this is not the only area the evaluation covers. Thus, the other three are b78, NetProfiler, and AppResponseNPM (Network Performance Management).

  • 299-01

    The 299-01 evaluation is about network optimization and monitoring. It also looks at network performance, audit, as well as a report within your networks as the leveraging of simulation tools for the aim of assessing future performance as well as modifications. Those preparing for the actual test will know about the use scenarios targeting network issues as well as how the management of network configuration solutions can assist in discovering and solving issues to do with performance. Completing the relevant course will lead to the issuance of an RCPE certificate in Network Planning and Configuration Management. When you pass the test, the certificate you’ll be given is called the RCSP-NPM.

  • 401-01

    The Riverbed 401-01 evaluation concerns SteelCentral APM products, and if you have 3 months or more of experience on the same, then you’re good to attempt and pass it. It covers the appliance for SteelCentral AppResponse, monitoring tools for SteelCentral AppInternals, and Transaction Analyzer software for SteelCentral. Performing well in it brings forth the RCSA-APM (Application Performance Management) certificate.

  • 499-01

    This professional-level test targets those who already have accomplished the RCSA-APM test. The same individuals should have not less than six months of working with related Riverbed products. Besides, the Riverbed 499-01 evaluation is linked to the RCSP-APM designation.

  • 830-01

    The Riverbed 830-01 test concerns technology for WAN Optimization. The concerned technology that the evaluation covers is for accelerating app delivery concerning hybrid WAN that targets the modern enterprise for IT. In particular, it is about enhancing the performance of professionals in working with apps for the purpose of increasing the experience of a user, and thus, optimizing productivity. Usually, passing such an exam will procure the RCPE WAN Optimization certification.

Preparing for Your Riverbed Test

A certification vendor like this has an exclusive training program for all the exams falling within their product portfolio. These courses, in particular, comprise lectures, labs, as well as discussions, which come to you through self-paced sessions. Also, before beginning any of the classes, it’s advisable to be conversant with the basic operation of the PC and have application skills & knowledge of Windows OS among others.

Career Opportunities

The Riverbed RCPE curriculum enables specialists to build their digital performance skills so that they can help businesses grow around the same. Thus, through such a certificate program, candidates enhance their capacity in creating amazing opportunities by adding value to their employer’s business customers as well as stakeholders. The work of digital transformation is to enable adaptability in addition to agility that is essential for businesses to survive. Therefore, building your expertise and your career around it is necessary. Besides, the RCPE program ensures you attain career-based expertise within the digital performance space. As a result, it fills the huge gap in the sphere for the professionals required for delivering high-performing apps, networks, as well as infrastructure since there is an increase in businesses looking to digital services to enhance the value of their products in addition to services. As to the job positions that are relevant to those with the RCSA or RCSP certifications, they include a solutions engineer, SD-WAN engineer, and network engineer. And because of the high demand for expertise set by enterprises, the salary of accredited professionals in any of the positions is high. For a network engineer, for example, the pay is about $75k yearly as PayScale.com records.

Certification Path

If you’re just beginning a career based on the varied Riverbed tracks, you can always start by taking the RCPE Performance Foundations course, which is advisable to take before attempting any associate-level evaluation. Once you have accomplished an associate-tier exam and passed it, you can then move onto a relevant professional exam. For example, if you have taken and passed the Riverbed 101-01 evaluation and obtained the relevant RCSA-WAN Optimization certificate, the action to take next is to apply for the professional RCSP-WAN Optimization designation by registering for the Riverbed 199-01 test. The same case applies to any other associate exam. All in all, you can always move up by passing a relevant professional test and drawing a relevant certificate.

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