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All Informatica Exams

Exam Exam Name
PR000005 Data Quality 9.x Developer Specialist
PR000007 PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x Administrator Specialist
PR000041 PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x:Developer Specialist

About Informatica Certifications

Informatica is a software development company founded in 1993 and specialized in producing its core products such as Data Integration, and Enterprise Cloud Data Management. This company offers solutions for cloud management, big data, data quality, data integration, and security among many.

In addition, it offers a number of certifications, which are here to help an IT specialist earn amazing credibility in software development and obtain relevant skills. A wide range of expertise like PowerCenter Data Integration, Informatica Data Engineering, Master Data Management, and the like are covered extensively by this vendor. In more detail, such an organization offers the following certification programs:

  • Axon Data Governance;
  • Cloud (iPaas);
  • Master Data Management;
  • Data Quality;
  • Enterprise Data Catalog Developer, Professional;
  • Informatica Data Engineering;
  • PowerCenter Data Integration.

Some of these categories hold at least two designations to make you a real pro in the chosen specialization. Below, we will look at the four most recognized certifications endorsed by Informatica.

#1 - PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Administrator, Professional Certification

This certificate is here to impart one of the best-of-breed expertise related to installation, configuration, maintenance, security, deployment, and architecture related to PowerCenter Repository management. As an outcome, the earners will be able to flaunt exceptional command-line utilities related to Informatica Velocity Best Practices & Implementation Methodology and have better market worth.

  • Exam Format

    The related PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Administrator, Professional test features 70 questions based on multiple-choice, multiple-response, and true/false formats. Then, the test-takers need to secure 70% grades to come up with flying colors in the actual exam, and the allotted time duration for this test is 90 minutes. To add more, the final evaluation costs $340, and server maintenance, deployment, web services, security, administrator tool, command-line utilities, metadata reporting, and license keys are some of the areas of expertise that one can explore all through this certification journey. Additionally, one will be able to figure out a wide range of concepts like PowerCenter metadata execution, shortcuts, connections, repository, and so on.

  • Career Prospects

    Get ready to explore what the industry has to offer as a Data Integration Administrator after earning this prestigious designation. As per Payscale, one can make as much as $86k on average annually for the sought-after skill of Data Integration.

  • Certification Path

    The PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer, Professional validation is the next move within the PowerCenter Data Integration certification path that one can make to have in-depth experience in the optimal use of Designer, Workflow Manager, and the like technologies. What is more, it takes your inherited skills to a whole new level and makes you more prepared for the high-tier responsibilities at the workplace.

#2 - Data Quality 10 Administrator, Professional Designation

Become a doyen of Informatica data quality products used on-premises or in the cloud with the Data Quality 10 Administrator, Professional certification. It assesses the needed expertise that any project implementation team member must inherit for the installation, configuration, and administration of the Informatica Data Quality Product.

  • Test Format

    Using a strict exam structure, the Data Quality 10 Administrator, Professional evaluation assesses examinees’ capability in connections, reporting, operations, DQ services, address validation, DQ content, data director, installation & upgrade, and the like concepts. Overall, there are 70 multiple-choice, multiple-response, and true/false questions for this exam. Plus, test-takers will be allotted 90 minutes to attempt all these items, and scoring 70% or above is required to come up with flying colors in the actual test. Besides, by using the 12 different domains, this test will mentor the aspirants on topics like ways to deal with the Administrator Console, explain the types of DQ reporting, upgrade the DQ content, configure properties that are useful for AV mapping, use the cases of DQ tool, work with the application of Data Director & workflow administration, and the like.

  • Career Opportunities

    After honing their skills by earning this certificate, holders can become an indispensable part of the industry as Data Quality Assurance Analysts. We dug through ZipRecruiter to figure out what the industry worth of this job role is and figured out that $83k is what pros working in this position are making annually.

  • Certification Track

    Move ahead and gain unmatched industry worth with the Data Quality 10 Developer, Professional designation. The key data quality processes such as profiling, matching, standardization, and consolidation are covered impressively during the certification process.

#3 - Master Data Management 10 Administrator, Professional Qualification

Holding such a certificate means having a sound understanding of Master Data Management products from the house of Informatica. What is more, it makes the holder equipped with the real-world expertise that a crucial member of the Master Data Management Administration team needs to own. Thus, as a result, certification holders are problem-solvers who an enterprise can bank upon to troubleshoot technical issues, deal with batch processes, and mitigate security-related hassles.

  • Exam Format

    One has to conquer the Informatica Master Data Management 10 Administrator, Professional exam to bag the namesake certification. Following the standardized format, this test features 70 items based on multiple-response, multiple-choice, and true/false formats. The total time duration of this exam is 90 minutes, and the minimum passing score is 70%. Structurally, the final evaluation is divided into three sections: Hub Console, Key Concepts, and Master Data Management Hub Administration. These topics further explain more about the Hub Store, history tables, batch processes, databases in the Hub Store, security providers, metadata managers, and other related topics.

  • Career Prospects

    As a Master Data Manager, anyone can touch the sky and make a handsome salary of around $84k per annum according to Payscale.

  • Certification Path

    The Master Data Management 10.3 Developer, Professional is what one must aim for after reaping all of the benefits of the Master Data Management 10 Administrator, Professional qualification. With the former certification, it would be easy to have an in-depth understanding of Master Data Management product architecture and implement it as per the enterprise needs.

#4 - Cloud Data and Application Integration R34, Professional Endorsement

IT enthusiasts who are trying to master the Informatica Cloud Services Data and Application Integration skill area can utilize this certificate to sharpen their skills and make the world believe in their excellence. As a rule, the bearers of such certification are famed to handle the tasks related to data integration features, cloud mapping, data masking, and more.

  • Evaluation Format

    The linked exam, known as the Cloud Data and Application Integration R34, Professional, is like all other Informatica exams and is 90-minute long, features 70 questions, and demands a 70%-score to be called a successful candidate. To add more, the followed patterns for the test items are multiple-response, multiple-choice, and true/false. Speaking of the structure segregation, the actual test features the two key sections namely, the IICS: Cloud Data Integration Services and Cloud Application Integration Services for Developers. Some of the crucial covered topics in the first portion are Informatica cloud overview, replication task, masking task, IICS APIs, discovery IQ, and many more. The focus of the second part is on faulty handling, API manager, adding web services to a process, the creation of assets, and the overview of cloud integration.

  • Career Expectations

    A Cloud Integration Engineer is one of the most pivotal job roles that one can grab after being a certified Cloud Data and Application Integration R34 Professional. As per the Payscale website, the average income in this job role is amazing as it’s almost $86k per annum.

  • Certification Track

    The vendor offers the Cloud Data Quality R35, Professional as well as the Cloud Data and Application Integration R36, Professional designations as career enrichment options for all those who want to expand their expertise periphery within the data quality of the cloud.

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