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All AndroidATC Exams

Exam Exam Name
AND-401 Android Application Development
AND-402 Android Security Essentials
AND-403 Monetize Android Applications

About AndroidATC Certifications

Android ATC is an organization offering IT certificates as well as training through partners for all interested candidates. The complete form of Android ATC is Android Advanced Training Consultants, and it provides the Android Certified Developer program so that candidates learn to build efficient Android apps.

Android ATC Certification Scheme

The certificates from this vendor build individuals’ Android-based skills and assure them of their chances of getting the most appropriate career within the Android market that is continuously growing. In all, their evaluations fall within the roles of an application developer and application engineer, and they empower specialists in the sphere of developing advanced Android apps. Overall, there are a number of certifications & exams offered by the vendor, among which you’ll encounter the following:

  • Flutter Certified Application Developer (Exam AFD-200);
  • Android Certified Application Developer (Exam AND-801);
  • Android Certified Application Engineer (Exams AND-801, AND-802, and AND-803);
  • AND-400: Training Skills for Android ATC Certified Trainer Exam.

Now let us focus on the most prominent Android ATC tests and the certificates.

AND-801 Exam

The Android Application Development or AND-801 evaluation concerns application developers wishing to take possession of the Android Certified Application Developer certificate. The questions are derived from its course outline that goes into a variety of topics. In particular, they include:

  • Kotlin Introduction;
  • Control Flow Statements;
  • Functions as well as OOP (Object-Oriented Programming);
  • Android Framework in addition to Android Studio;
  • Creation of User Interface UI;
  • Layouts, Themes, Styles, and Menus for Android;
  • Toasts, Navigations, Activities, and Views;
  • Android Dialogs, Menus, WebView, Snackbar, and Notifications;
  • Storage, SQLite, as well as Content Providers for Android;
  • Location-Aware Apps: Use of GPS as well as Google Maps.

AND-802 Test

The AND-802 test, also called Android Security Essentials, considers the course outline during the setting of its questions. When you pass it, you’ll only be receiving a report indicating what you’ve scored. When you take the AND-803 evaluation after this, you should expect the Android Certified Application Engineer certificate. However, to get here, you also need to have completed and passed the evaluation for the AND-801 as well. Thus, here is what the AND-802 test is set to embrace:

  • Permissions;
  • Management of the Policy File;
  • Data Privacy in addition to Protection for Users;
  • Security Storage.

AND-803 Evaluation

The Android Applications UI/UX Design & Monetization Techniques, which is the AND-803 test, enables you to reach the Android Certified Application Engineer. Other than this, one must have cleared the AND-801 as well as the AND-802 tests, too. In brief, the AND-803 evaluation focuses on the outline offered for its associated course, and it captures the following:

  • Fundamentals of UI/UX Design;
  • Building a Wireframe for an App;
  • Journey of a UX/UI Designer in Two Android Applications;
  • Monetizing Your Application;
  • How to Publish Your Application;
  • How to License and Monitor Your Application.

For any of the evaluations, a candidate hoping to take a chance doesn’t necessarily have to take the related course, though it is advisable to do so. Next is a focus on the details of the Android ATC testing process.

Details of Android ATC Testing Procedure

The three tests, that is, AND-801, AND-802, and AND-803 have a similar testing process. They are closed-book and include 45 MCQs, with each Android ATC exam lasting for 1.5 hours. To add more, attracting the respective Android certification requires you to pass with 70% and more. As you undertake the paper, you’re allowed to review the answers you previously selected before coming to the end of the evaluation. Also, once you accomplish and submit what you have chosen as your answers, you’ll get a report immediately showing your scores. For those who don’t pass, they have a chance to re-do the evaluation after another 24 hours. Still, you’ll have to pay a similar amount as that of the initial attempt, which is $150. Note that questions for each of the Android ATC exams are expected to consider the theoretical as well as practical components of the respective course. They could also comprise code snippets for testing your technical as well as programming skills. Keep in mind that Android certificates do not have an expiry date, and thus, whatever designation you get isn’t going to depend on when you received it. Finally, all exams are extended through permitted testing centers of Pearson VUE.

Career Opportunities

With the Android market growing explosively of late, there is a demand boom for developers. Android applications are being demanded left, right, and center by employers and individual users. Thus, the best way for such organizations seeking developers to confirm the competencies of their potential employees is to look at the Android ATC certificates. So, whether you have the Android Certified Application Developer or Android Certified Application Engineer, be sure that you’re ripe for the marketplace. This is because you own what the market or employers need, and they are sourcing Android developers at a faster rate compared to other professionals within the area of Mobile Technology. Anyway, it might seem like a challenge when looking for your first job, but as long as you can demonstrate job-related competencies, interviewers and recruiters will be able to notice you. And when it comes to payment, as an Android developer, your salary could average about $113k as highlights. The responsibilities attached to being an Android developer include the creation and development of advanced apps targeting the Android sphere. Also testing for robustness in code, fixing bugs, and enhancing application performance are other tasks you could be involved with.

Certification Path

Since Android ATC exams are aimed at roles, you can jump into another critical but relevant area. If you have passed the AND-801 evaluation, you can move onto the other two tests to ensure you hold the Android Certified Application Engineer designation. After reaching this far, there is another certificate for your consideration. As you remember, this is the Flutter Certified Application Developer, which concerns passing the AFD-200 test. While at it, you’ll be getting deeper into Flutter development, and the skills involved include how to create mobile, web, and desktop apps while using Flutter, which is an open-source technological option from Google. Other than this certificate, you can make up your mind to become a certified trainer by passing the AND-400 exam. Finally, other associated certificates are also available through alternative vendors like Google, GIAC, Microsoft, and Salesforce. You can explore any of them to help expand the scope of your competencies, which means more opportunity and flexibility in terms of career.

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