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Essentials Essentials

About WatchGuard Certifications

Secure your network with the help of the WatchGuard excellent multi-function threat management products. This top-rated network security vendor offers protection to computer networks from ransomware and malware through their signature red boxes that are tagged as one of the fastest and smartest security devices in the industry.

Find out about WatchGuard Certification Program

Are you interested in growing your career through the credible set of WatchGuard solutions? If yes, then here’s a glimpse of their certification program. With a variety of designations on offer, it’s easy to carve a technical path with WatchGuard products and services. Currently, they have four certificates available ― the Network Security Essentials, Secure Wi-Fi Essentials, Multi-Factor Authentication Essentials, and Endpoint Security Essentials.

Learn Technicalities of WatchGuard Certifications

On the whole, each of WatchGuard's designations caters to different sectors of security, allowing you to expand your command and polish your skills. In all, these qualifications are valid for up to 2 years. Therefore, after expiration, you need to recertify to secure the latest endorsement. This is very important because new technologies are added continuously, hence the need to recalibrate your knowledge and improve your technical abilities. In relation to their certification track, they also provide a collection of training opportunities to help you out accordingly. For example, they have detailed courseware that offers you the option for self-study and instructor-led courses. Significantly, hands-on learning through labs is also incorporated to give you a thorough grasp of installing, configuring, and administering WatchGuard products.

Distinguish Target Audience

In general, WatchGuard certifications are created to assist anyone who wants to be adept at the WatchGuard products and services. Though there are no formal prerequisites, it pays off to be already familiar with WatchGuard as a whole. This allows you to capably prepare for the necessary exam and improve your chances of passing it. But in case you don’t have a prior background, no worries because you can still kick off a brand new career with WatchGuard. Along with the in-depth courseware, they also supply a wide selection of resources to nurture your acquaintance of networks and security features. These, in particular, include datasheets, brochures, infographics, case studies, reports, white papers, webinars, and more.

Dive into Certification Exams on Offer

To better comprehend the certifications in question, let’s give emphasis to their corresponding exams that are open to customers and partners who want to develop a skillset in WatchGuard solutions. Moreover, these are delivered via Kryterion testing centers globally. Thus, you have the option to take the chosen exam in person at a testing center or online through a proctoring service. Do take note that study aids and reference materials are not permitted when taking the actual test. Also, before you get admitted, it’s a must to create your own account and pay the fee of $200 per exam. Joining the WatchGuard platform allows you to use the main study guides, which supplement the recorded videos listed in the WatchGuard Learning Center. Additionally, this gives you access to the test description, key study resources, and sample exam questions. So, be sure to register and maximize the opportunities given to registered applicants. And for you to be successful on your WatchGuard stint, you have to get at 75%. This is the passing score that fulfills the certification requirements. Now that you have a solid understanding of the WatchGuard test specifications, it’s time to expound on their exam options. Just like the number of certifications available, there are also 4 evaluations to choose from. Each corresponds to a particular area that is relevant to WatchGuard solutions.

  • Network Security Essentials

    The first on the list is the Network Security Essentials test, which encompasses the key subjects previously included in Fireware Essentials. On top of that, it covers the basic features of networking, stretching your knowledge of network attacks, network security controls, IP addresses, TCP vs. UDP, subnetting, proxies, routing, security policies, and encryption, among others. For the Fireware topics, these highlight VLANs, multi-WAN, and such.

  • Secure Wi-Fi Essentials

    On the other hand, there’s the Secure Wi-Fi Essentials, an exam designed to assess how well you understand the ins and outs of wireless technology and Wi-Fi Cloud. It also takes on your basic comprehension of Wireless Firebox devices and Fireware Gateway Wireless Controller. So, if you’re engrossed in advancing your abilities in working with Wi-Fi and its related aspects, this is the most recommended path to take.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication Essentials

    Refine your ability to use the multi-factor authentication method through this particular evaluation. This mainly illustrates the foundational authentication technology concepts, together with the core processes in setting up, configuring, and supervising WatchGuard AuthPoint.

  • Endpoint Security Essentials

    Finally, we have the Endpoint Security Essentials Exam, which accentuates the fundamentals of endpoint security technology. Commonly, mastery of endpoint security is very important since this is commonly used by organizations in protecting their computer networks that are remotely connected to client devices. Along with the main coverage, it also tackles Advanced Reporting Tool, Adaptive Defense 360, and Patch Management.

Decode Career Opportunities Waiting for Certified Professionals

Generally, certifications are used as a tool among candidates who want to advance in their chosen fields. Earning one, however, is a grueling process, especially if you’re following a technical path that is highly relevant. WatchGuard certificates, in specific, are developed to bolster those interested in applying WatchGuard technologies in their own career. And since such a vendor is widely recognized in cybersecurity and networking, there are plenty of job roles to pursue. Thus, some of the positions that are supported by WatchGuard designations are systems administrator, solutions architect, IT service technician, helpdesk analyst, and more. In terms of salary, WatchGuard certified professionals are well-compensated. For example, if you’re a systems administrator, the average base salary is already $62,979 yearly as rendered by the website. And with a WatchGuard endorsement, you are entitled to a higher rate to reward your validated skillset.

Map out More Thriving Certification Path

Since there are only 4 certifications, it’s not difficult to plot your goals. You just pick a technical track that is in line with your current job role as well as your career goals. As you may have noticed, most WatchGuard qualifications are entry-level certificates that focus on the fundamental aspects of networking and security. Therefore, if you want to be an expert in dealing with WatchGuard solutions, you are given the freedom to complete all paths and showcase your skills like a pro.

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