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PT0-001: CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Exam Training Course
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PT0-001: CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Exam

PDFs and exam guides are not so efficient, right? Prepare for your CompTIA examination with our training course. The PT0-001 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to CompTIA certification exam. Pass the CompTIA PT0-001 test with flying colors.
108 Students Enrolled 75 Lectures 07:40:00 Hours

Curriculum For This Course

Time 00:05:00
Domain 1: Planning and Scoping
Time 00:58:00
Domain 2: Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification
Time 01:50:00
Domain 3: Attacks and Exploits
Time 02:15:00
Domain 4: Penetration Testing Tools
Time 02:01:00
Domain 5: Reporting and Communication
Time 00:31:00

About This Course

The CompTIA PT0-001 video course is an all-inclusive training material for anyone preparing for the PenTest+ certification and the appropriate PT0-001 exam. This online tool offers you a wide range of information that is relevant to your accreditation syllabus. Furthermore, it caters to the development of your penetration testing skills along with your abilities to handle vulnerability management. So, if you want to attain a passing grade at your first attempt, consider adding this top-notch study resource to your must-have list.

Course Description

In more detail, this study program is made up of 75 lectures that take up to 7 hours and 40 minutes. The lessons are further compiled into 6 major sections, giving you a more organized learning process. And to have a better understanding of the curriculum at hand, let’s dive into the key knowledge areas and uncover the things you’ll need to comprehend throughout your training.

The course sets off with the basics of the CompTIA PT0-001 exam. Thus, make sure to familiarize yourself with the official test foundations and other technicalities so you can easily navigate around the exam topics. After the introduction, the first domain kicks in by highlighting the planning and scoping stages. This section provides an outline of the penetration testing methodology, wherein you plan a penetration test and utilize pivotal features such as engagement rules, legal concepts, testing strategies, white box support resources, and threat actors among others.

The second domain pinpoints the pertinent ways of information gathering as well as vulnerability identification. In other words, it focuses on improving your knowledge in reconnaissance with help of CentralOps, enumeration, fingerprinting, cryptographic inspection, eavesdropping, decompiling, and debugging. Other imperative topics cover open-source research, container scans, vulnerability scanning, scanning considerations, common attack vectors, and specialized system weaknesses.

Meanwhile, domain 3, explains the importance of attacks and exploits. The details accentuated in this module are social engineering, motivation factors, physical security attacks, lock picking, lateral movement, persistence, and covering tracks. Various vulnerabilities are also underlined, particularly those based on network, wireless, application, and local host. In addition, privilege escalation for both Windows and Linux is given emphasis.

The fourth section comprehensively covers the various penetration testing tools. Therefore, you are introduced to Nmap usage, use cases for tools, scanners, password cracking, debuggers, software assurance, OSINT, web proxies, programming script examples, and related testing tools for social engineering, mobile, networking, miscellaneous, and remote access.

The last section is all about your ability to work with the reporting and communication aspects of the penetration testing process. It clarifies areas in pentest communications, report writing, together with mitigation strategies, post-report activities, and pentest report examples.

Knowledge And Skills Polished

As a result, through this video course, you acquire an extensive range of knowledge that applies to your penetration testing career. It generally revolves around the planning process, information gathering, vulnerability scanning, in parallel with attacks, reporting, various tools, and code analysis. With a thorough understanding of these areas, it’s much easier to deal with technical tasks like scoping a penetration testing engagement, applying compliance requirements, and performing vulnerability scanning. Moreover, the lessons develop your skills in applying the appropriate penetration tools, analyzing results, generating written reports with suggested remediation techniques, communicating results to the relevant team, and delivering practical recommendations.

Course Requirements

There are some imperative things to consider before availing of this video training. It’s a must that you know the recommended experience set by CompTIA for those taking the PT0-001 exam. And, as presented by the official certification provider, it’s important that you already have completed both CompTIA Network+ and Security+ accreditations to ensure you a smoother certification path ahead. In addition, you must have at least 3 to 4 years of experience in the information security field.

Exam Format

  • Time duration: 165 minutes
  • Number of questions: 85 items
  • Type of questions: Multiple choice and performance-based
  • Passing score: 750 on a scale of 100 to 900
  • Testing provider: Pearson VUE
  • Exam fee: $370

Target Audience

  • Anyone preparing for the CompTIA PT0-001 exam
  • Those with the current CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certificates
  • Individuals with a solid background in information technology, particularly in networking and security
  • Cybersecurity pros who want to be adept at penetration testing


Acing the CompTIA PT0-001 may be a challenge but it’s totally achievable. With the most appropriate tools and the right preparation strategy, you will reach your goal at once. So, make use of this in-depth video course and strengthen your knowledge of the penetration stages and all its imperative features. Moreover, once you earn the CompTIA PenTest+ accreditation, you don't have to prove your expertise again and wait a long time for a profitable offer.

Job Opportunities To Choose From

One of the amazing perks of having the CompTIA PenTest+ certification is the development of your skills that allows you to land a high-paying job. The most prominent position of them all is the penetration tester, who receives at least $116,323 every year ( Or you may also become a security consultant and earn around $84,514 annually ( Other noteworthy positions that are offered are:

  • Cloud Penetration Tester
  • Web App Penetration Tester
  • Cloud Security Specialist
  • Network Specialist

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