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300-420: Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) Training Course
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300-420: Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD)

PDFs and exam guides are not so efficient, right? Prepare for your Cisco examination with our training course. The 300-420 course contains a complete batch of videos that will provide you with profound and thorough knowledge related to Cisco certification exam. Pass the Cisco 300-420 test with flying colors.
133 Students Enrolled 75 Lectures 10:17:00 Hours

Curriculum For This Course

CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420) : Designing EIGRP Routing
Time 00:30:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing OSPF Routing
Time 00:41:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing IS-IS Routing
Time 01:18:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing BGP Routing
Time 00:55:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): BGP Address Families and Attributes
Time 00:53:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing Enterprise Campus
Time 00:22:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing Layer 2 Campus
Time 01:11:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing Layer 3 Campus
Time 00:44:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Discovering SD Access Architecture
Time 01:00:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420) : SD Access Fabric Design
Time 00:44:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Discovering Service Provider Managed VPN's
Time 00:27:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing Enterprise Managed VPN's
Time 01:04:00
CCNP Enterprise ENSLD (300-420): Designing WAN Resiliency
Time 00:28:00

About This Course

Embark on a practical learning experience with the Cisco 300-420 video course. On top of that, anyone who enrolls in this study program is guaranteed to earn an in-depth comprehension of the 300-420 ENSLD exam topics, particularly concerning Cisco enterprise networks. The lectures are based on the official topics to ensure that you are on right track in your preparation for the Cisco certification. So, if you’re ready to gain relevant knowledge and technical skills, check out all the key details below.

Course Description

Armed with 75 lectures, the Cisco 300-420 video course acts as one of the most comprehensive online resources for the appropriate certification exam. The entire training lasts for more than 10 hours. Therefore, with such an extensive time duration, it’s recommended that you set up your schedules in advance.

Regarding course structure, the videos here are provided in batches to make your studying process highly effective and functional. A total of 13 main sections are included in this training, so let’s get started with the first one.

The course begins with the introductory of this video training. It expounds your knowledge in scalable EIGRP designs, autonomous systems, layered designs, hub-and-spoke, stub designs, and convergence features. The next core topic is about OSPF routing, wherein you master its neighbor adjacencies, scalability issues, domain summarization, full/partial mesh, and convergence. Moving forward, you are presented with the ways concerning how to design IS-IS routing, its protocols, and logic, along with adjacencies, operations, and such. The lectures then fixate on building BGP routing and working with BGP attributes and address families. Some of the pertinent topics emphasized here are route reflector, split horizon, loop prevention mechanisms, load sharing, route selection, address family model, and communities.

Subsequently, you acquire a familiarity with enterprise campus design, particularly Layer 2 and Layer 3 campus. Regarding Layer 2, it focuses on VLANs, VTP, STP, Trunks, MST, POE, EnergyWise, Ether Channel, first-hop redundancy, and application network requirements. Meanwhile, the Layer 3-related section covers your ability to create triangles, incorporate network management practices, as well as work with routing convergence, passive interfaces convergence, IPv4, default routes, redistribution, and filtering.

The succeeding sections will teach you about the importance of SD access, learning more about its architecture, fabric design, fabric constructs, fabric domain, and node roles. It’s a must that you comprehend the key role of Cisco SD-access in a Cisco DNA environment, together with the design requirements concerning an underlay network and the aspects associated with sizing and single platform scalability. The last 3 modules aim at your grasping in service provider-managed VPNs, enterprise-managed VPNs, and WAN resiliency.

Knowledge and Skills Covered

As mentioned earlier, this video course follows the domains listed in the Cisco 300-420 exam. Therefore, the content of this resource is tailored to improve your knowledge and technical ability regarding Cisco enterprise networks. It specifically sets sights on your designing skills, focusing on the advanced addressing and routing solutions, along with the advanced enterprise campus networks. Other than that, this video material offers you crucial information about WAN, SD, security services, and network services.

Course Requirements

Thus, if you have decided to enroll in the video course, there are some things that you need to accomplish beforehand. Firstly, you must have completed the core certification exam (350-401 ENCOR), which is necessary to obtain the appropriate CCNP Enterprise certification. The second requirement is your familiarity with the topics covered in the 300-420 concentration exam. This is a crucial step to effectively integrate this course into your training strategy and see the results of your efforts.

Exam Structure

  • Exam name: Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks
  • Time duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of questions: undisclosed
  • Available languages: English and Japanese
  • Exam fee: $300

Target Audience

  • Candidates who are preparing for the Cisco 300-420 ENSLD evaluation
  • Those who have successfully accomplished the Cisco 350-401 ENCOR exam
  • Individuals who are aimed at the CCNP Enterprise and Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Design qualifications
  • Working specialists who want to be proficient in building enterprise networks


As you know, extensive preparation coupled with the right materials is such a remarkable method to earn your Cisco certification like clockwork. So, if you want a more functional and less stressful learning process, grab this opportunity and enroll yourself in the Cisco 300-420 video course. Using this online tool boosts your chances of clearing the related Cisco test at your first attempt and eventually obtaining the coveted CCNP Enterprise certificate. On top of that, the knowledge and skills gained through this digital training ready you for the challenging tasks of today’s IT industry.

Job Opportunities to Pursue

And of course, one of the most interesting benefits of becoming a Cisco certified professional is the flourishing array of job options. With your CCNP or Cisco Certified Specialist - Enterprise Design accreditations, you are presented with a variety of opportunities. At the head of the list are network design engineers who earn an average of $80k according to PayScale. In the meantime, you may also pursue the role of the systems design engineer and enjoy at least $95k based on data provided by ZipRecruiter.

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