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About FileMaker Certifications

From building a database to creating solutions for CRM and ERP, FileMaker is a top-notch name when it comes to innovative and cost-effective digital transformation. This cross-platform is highly flexible, offering you various ways to develop custom applications needed for databases, desktops, and mobiles.

Understanding FileMaker and Its Certification Program

FileMaker is a credible relational database platform, wherein you can design and share your end-product on the Internet like a pro. It is also used to track invoices, events, customers, inventory, and other key resources through a fully equipped database file. As a rule, such a file consists of fields, tables, layouts, calculations, and menu sets. And all these work hand in hand to create custom applications for various uses. In particular, this software application is created by Claris, a leading tech company recognized by businesses and organizations around the world. But did you know that FileMaker is more than just a database application? It also serves as a valuable tool in honing your skills to further advance your career. Through their certification program, you are introduced to the detailed features of Claris FileMaker so you become more acquainted with the key functions in developing applications. Such mastery allows you to provide a positive impact on your workplace. Accordingly, it reduces costs and improves the success rate of completing the organizational goals. As of this writing, they only have one certification on offer, which is the FileMaker 18 Certified Developer. This will be further discussed in the details below.

Getting to Know FileMaker 18 Certified Developer Validation

Do you want to establish an in-depth knowledge of the FileMaker platform? There’s no better way to master the ins and outs of the renowned database application than pursuing the FileMaker 18 Certified Developer certificate. This technical path demonstrates your credibility to employers, clients, and even your colleagues. Also, it showcases your command in outlining schemas for databases through auto-entry alternatives, field types, validation choices, storage features, and such. It also tackles the process of building layouts by first understanding the implications of associating layouts with table occurrences, the characteristics needed for portals, the modifications of field/layout object behaviors, the attributes of triggers for scripts, and so on. Another set of skills given emphasis by the related FileMaker 18 certification exam is about dealing with calculation and scripts, wherein you will be presented with expression syntax, order of operations, logic, calculation functions (core and specialized), and custom functions, along with key algorithm techniques, scripting features, and context changes. Other significant sections covered by the actual test are the ways on how to secure and deploy FileMaker systems as well as how to make use of data integration.

Learning Right Candidates for This Certification

One of the best things about the FileMaker 18 Certified Developer qualification is its availability to anyone interested in FileMaker. Accordingly, it does not come with prerequisites to make your learning path more convenient. Still, in general, the target candidates of this certification are developers who want to polish their skillset in this specific relational database platform. Since there are no technical conditions set by Claris, all you need to have is extra dedication, hard work, and patience to go through the certificate planning and test preparation. The main requirement of the certification, as you remember, is for you to pass the FileMaker 18 exam, which is the latest version of the test.

Familiarizing with Core Test Details

Now that you have a solid idea of the key areas covered as well as the skills highlighted by the certification exam, it’s time to learn its specifications. First of all, the FileMaker 18 certification exam is computer-based and it is offered by Claris in partnership with Pearson VUE testing. With such association, it allows you to take the official evaluation anywhere in the world. Other details that you should know beforehand are the inclusion of a non-disclosure agreement and tutorial in the actual test. Also, on the whole, you will be given 10 minutes to read and comprehend those files, and the exam itself follows a closed-book format, which means you have no access to references and other resources during the test. As to its nature, the FileMaker 18 certification test consists of 60 scored items, where the questions are retrieved from a random pool of multiple-choice and multiple answer types. Plus, the test duration is 110 minutes. So, in total, the exam runs for 120 minutes, however, if English is not your primary or official language, you’ll automatically get an extra 30 minutes for a total seating time of 150 minutes.

Recognizing Career Opportunities

Accomplishing the FileMaker 18 Certified Developer gives you a lot of noteworthy career improvements. Aside from expanding your technical abilities in using the FileMaker platform, it also helps you stay current and up-to-date with the latest FileMaker changes. With your relevant skillset, you’ll acquire a competitive edge over other applicants. You can download the Claris FileMaker certification logo on your digital profile and use it on your business cards to provide you an advantage when applying for a job. Aside from being a standout, becoming certified increases your earning potential. Certifications, in general, are remarkable career investments with incredible returns in the form of higher salaries. According to the latest data from ZipRecruiter, a FileMaker Developer gets $73,819 per year or roughly $35 per hour. And if you have in-depth experience and a higher position, then you can take home as high as $107,500 per annum. Some of the job roles supported by the FileMaker designation are software developers, systems software developers, information systems application developers, application programmers, application analysts, and software engineers. So, if you’re eyeing these positions, start your FileMaker certification journey now and reap your success soon!

Keeping Eye of FileMaker Certification Path

As of this writing, Claris only offers the FileMaker 18 Certified Developer certificate. However, you need to know in advance that your qualification is only valid for up to 2 years. To keep your skills current, you have to renew and take the latest Developer Essentials for Claris FileMaker exam. Furthermore, there have been changes in the FileMaker certification program. Thus, to support the industry standards, Claris now focuses on non-version-specific certification exams. The phasing out of the version-specific tests allows you to get a more generalized yet inclusive certification from an industry-recognized organization.

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