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Practice Exams:

All CWNP Exams

Exam Exam Name
CWAP-403 Certified Wireless Analysis Professional
CWDP-303 Certified Wireless Design Professional
CWNA-108 Certified Wireless Network Administrator
CWS-100 Certified Wireless Specialist
CWSP-206 CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional
CWT-100 Certified Wireless Technician
PW0-071 Certified Wireless Technology Specialist - Sales (CWTS)
PW0-250 Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP)

About CWNP Certifications

The Certified Wireless Network Professional or CWNP organization is the industry-recognized leader in providing vendor-neutral LAN certifications. In particular, they specialize in a range of products covering enterprise WLAN and provide several designations to address the specification, design, and management of wireless LAN infrastructure and the relevant applications.

About CWNP Designations

Whether you are at the bottom end of your IT career or looking to gain advanced technical skills, this vendor now provides a detailed certification program covering all career levels. At the moment, CWNP provides 8 recognized certificates built around RF technologies, WLANs, and enterprise Wi-Fi applications, and particularly, these include the following:

  • CWS - Certified Wireless Specialist;
  • CWT - Certified Wireless Technician;
  • CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator;
  • CWSP - Certified Wireless Security Professional;
  • CWDP - Certified Wireless Design Professional;
  • CWAP - Certified Wireless Analysis Professional;
  • CWNE - Certified Wireless Network Expert;
  • CWNT - Certified Wireless Network Instructor.

Taking Next Career Step with Most Popular CWNP Tests

Now, we are going to break down the details of the 3 most popular CWNP exams:

1. CWAP-403 Exam: Certified Wireless Analysis Professional

The CWAP-403 evaluation is for all individuals who analyze and troubleshoot wireless LANs in modern IT departments. This is a professional-level exam that’s geared towards spectrum analysis, frame exchanges, and MAC layer frame formats. To attempt this test, students must first demonstrate their expertise at the administrator level by attaining the CWNA designation. For the CWAP, examinees will be taking a detailed 90-minute exam with a maximum of 60 multiple-choice and multiple-answer items. To add more, the actual test costs $275 and exists in English. Currently, the CWAP-403 test can only be taken at Pearson VUE testing centers, and candidates must pass with a score of 70% and above to qualify for the certificate. It should be noted that the CWAP-403 exam will be retiring in October 2021 to be replaced by the new CWAP-404 evaluation.

2. CWDP-303 Exam: Certified Wireless Design Professional

The CWDP-303 test is all about designing networks and in so doing, shaping your IT career. By enrolling in this certification program, you will be demonstrating a strong desire to master all the concepts associated with designing enterprise networks including the WLAN architectures and protocols. Also, such an exam covers the popular concepts of site survey and end-to-end security, making it a great option for anyone looking to gain a significant advantage over their peers. Upon completing this test, you will comply with the partial requirements to pursue the more advanced Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) certificate. Regarding the test details, the CWDP-303 exam will bring a total of 60 multiple-choice questions to be completed in 90 minutes. Besides, the official evaluation can be written in English and costs $275 per attempt. Usually, the CWDP-303 is only taken at Pearson VUE testing centers, and those candidates who score 70% and above will qualify for the certificate. Finally, pay attention that this exam will retire in October 2021 so the new CWDP-304 version will be at the launch in September 2021.

3. CWNA-108 Exam: Certified Wireless Network Administrator

The Certified Wireless Network Administrator exam or CWNA-108 is the strongest foundation you can dream of when launching an IT career. This is the basis of a career in Enterprise Wi-Fi and lays the foundation for specializing in analysis, design, network expert, and security certifications. Thus, if you have mastered the basics of wireless technology, WLAN operations, and the installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of wireless networks, then you are well-positioned to succeed in this path. Generally speaking, the actual CWNA-108 exam costs $225 and has a maximum of 60 questions in multiple-choice and multiple-answer formats. The test duration is 90 minutes, and students must score at least 70% to attain the certificate. Also, the final exam can be taken at Pearson VUE in the English language, and it’s worth reminding that the CWNA-108 test has updated content given the fact it was recently introduced on December 31, 2020, following the retirement of the CWNA-107.

Career Opportunities

All in all, the CWNP certifications are tied to the following technical roles:

  • Server Administrator

    Server administrators, from their name, are known to work exclusively with servers on a day-to-day basis. This, in particular, entails managing a range of computing equipment that is part of network systems, a few examples of which include mobile devices, routers, switches, and PCs. Also, server administrators are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining different forms of software and hardware solutions. Normally, this role involves performing data backups and recovery operations, monitoring performance, and creating accounts, and to excel in it, you need to demonstrate a solid understanding of operating systems including their configuration, implementation, and management. In the long run, you will get compensated with an average of $61,484 yearly according to if you opt for this post.

  • Desktop Administrator

    On the other hand, desktop administrators, or DAs as they are commonly known, play a vital role in managing user workstations within the companies they work for. In detail, they configure & oversee network connections, and manage data, security, as well as user settings. Also, they play an important role in handling issues involving technical support whenever they are called upon. Usually, the basic qualification to jumpstart your career as a desktop administrator is to get a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other relevant fields. However, with the updated CWNP training program, many individuals are opting to validate their skills using certifications instead to help them get new roles as reliable desktop administrators. Thus, according to PayScale salary information, a typical desktop administrator gets rewarded with an average of $51,397 per year irrespective of the company they are working for.

  • Systems Engineer

    In conclusion, systems engineers have a detailed job description covering the monitoring and management of systems, the installation, and maintenance of operating systems, and the provision of highly available systems. Besides, in this position, you will be expected to work as part of a broader IT team with a superb dedication to delivering quality infrastructure while prioritizing security, performance, and availability. Seasoned systems engineers will boast a ton of years of experience in information technology with a specific focus on systems analysis and engineering. Currently, these specialists are expected to collaborate with vendors and the relevant IT personnel when solving problems in functional systems. And with that in mind, they earn a median income of $80,445 per annum according to PayScale.

Certification Path

From the official information, it's clear that the CWNP certifications are never a one-size-fits-all affair. And to get the most out of these professional designations, you need to tailor every training to suit your career level. In all, the CWNP validations exist in particular levels commencing with the entry tier up to the expert one. Thus, it’s sensible to launch your education either with the CWT or CWS certificates and move on up to the advanced-level CWNE designation.

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