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All C++ Institute Exams

Exam Exam Name
CPA C++ Certified Associate Programmer
CPA-21-02 CPA - C++ Certified Associate Programmer
CPP C++ Certified Professional Programmer

About C++ Institute Certifications

The C++ Institute was established as a non-profit organization that promotes the C++ and C programming languages to be applied in a business environment. It also offers an effective certification program that helps in developing, enhancing, and supporting businesses with its C and C++ programming technologies.

C++ Certification Program

Overall, the vendor offers two types of designations and related exams. The first category includes the qualifications that focus on validating the candidates’ skills in using the C++ programming language and comprise the following certificates:

  • the C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CPA);
  • the C++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP).

The second group includes the certificates that help applicants understand how to use the C programming language in their organization. This category contains two designations, as follows:

  • the C Programming Language Certified Associate (CLA);
  • the C Certified Professional Programmer (CLP).

Now when you get the gist of what the C++ Institute certifications entail, let us dwell on the two most prominent designations on offer.

C++ Certified Associate Programmer or CPA Certification

The CPA qualification verifies the candidates’ competence in performing different types of coding tasks. For example, examinees will consolidate their knowledge of basic programming using the C++ language and the fundamental techniques that can be used when developing object-oriented programming. Additionally, the takers who decide to take the related certification exam are interested in increasing their flair in computer programming as well as enhancing their skills in understanding the C++ language semantics and syntax. Besides, they want to get a clear view of the object-oriented model principles and how they can implement the C++ language in their processes. The exam necessary for earning this certification is coded CPA-21-02, and luckily, the vendor doesn’t have any prerequisites for the applicants who want to take it. As for its structure, it has a duration of 65 minutes plus, the test-takers will receive 10 minutes as extra time to fill in the Non-Disclosure Agreement. To add more, the total number of questions to be solved is 40 that are basically single-choice and multiple-choice inquiries. Then, the minimum passing score that the candidates need to obtain is 70%, and the registration fee for such an evaluation is $295. Finally, the official test is available in the English language only.

Topics Measured in CPA-21-02 Evaluation

If you want to earn the CPA validation from the first try, then you should understand very well what’s expected from your side. Therefore, your starting point should be checking the CPA test blueprint. It will show you that you need to gain your knowledge of the following tested topics:

  • Getting an overview of how software and compiling development phases should be done;
  • Understanding how to use the basic scalar data types, flow control, operators, and input or output conversions in a business environment;
  • Defining, declaring, and invoking different types of functions including function overloading;
  • Getting used to implementing data aggregates in the organization;
  • Becoming an expert in handling exceptions & dealing with namespaces, and process strings to meet the stakeholder’s expectations as well as requirements;
  • Developing an object-oriented approach plus upgrading and adding more C++ programming language elements to your vocabulary;
  • Dealing with objects and classes together with augmenting knowledge of inheritance and class hierarchy options;
  • Gaining experience in managing user-defined operators, identifying the situations when exceptions are required, and defining overloaded operators.

C++ Certified Professional Programmer or CPP Designation

Once you’ve gained the CPA certificate, you become eligible for obtaining the CPP certification by passing the CPP-22-02 exam. Usually, the candidates who want to get this validation target to improve their knowledge of coding tasks and take their skills to the next level by using advanced C++ tools. Also, the target audience for the CPP is interested in learning how to use the C++ template mechanism and read & understand the defined classes and functions of templates. In addition, they are interested in becoming experts in using property template methods and learning how to work with third-party templates to meet their business targets. During the preparation process for the CPP-22-02 evaluation, the applicants will also learn how to work with the C++ STL library and solve common problems that might effectively appear in programming. Therefore, they will focus their attention on implementing the STL predefined methods and classes in their company. When it comes to the exam nature, the final test has a duration of 65 minutes. Plus, the examinees will receive 10 extra minutes to go through the NDA. Also, they will need to solve 40 single- and multiple-choice questions and success in this exam can be achieved once you get the right answer in 70% of all questions. Finally, the enrollment fee for such a test is $295, and it is available in the English language only.

Skills Validated by CPP-22-02

You can obtain the passing score in the CPP certification test if you demonstrate that you trained hard and developed the following set of skills:

  • Demonstrating good knowledge of the definition, functions, and classes of templates plus, how and when they can be used;
  • Identifying different types of STL Sequential containers and choosing the ones that will best serve the business needs;
  • Becoming an expert in handling STL Associative containers and making the difference between different types of such containers as well as learning how to put objects into mapping;
  • Learning about non-modifying STL algorithms definitions and listing them for different purposes together with understanding their compatibility;
  • Modifying the STL algorithms and learning from examples how to reach container compatibility;
  • Sorting STL operations and developing a good knowledge of working with STL merge operations;
  • Improving competency of using functional library and STL utilities together with becoming experts in STL advanced I/O methods.

Career Opportunities

If you succeed in getting the C++ Institute certifications, you will become a competitive candidate for different well-paid positions, such as:

  • Embedded Software Engineer;
  • Computer Programmer;
  • Video Game Designer.

The salary details available on Payscale.com show that an Embedded Software Engineer can reach an annual payment of $82k. On the other hand, if you are passionate about video games and want to become a Video Game Designer, then you should expect to start from an offer of $66k per annum while Computer Programmers are entitled to receive almost $65k yearly as stated by the same salary provider.

Certification Path

After you’ve added the CPA and CPP designations under your belt, you can continue improving your skills with the certificates dedicated to the C programming language. Thus, you can apply for the CLA and CLP certifications.

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