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Exam Exam Name
ICBB IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
ICGB IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
ICYB IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
LSSBB Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
LSSGB Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
LSSMBB Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
LSSWB Lean Six Sigma White Belt
LSSYB Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
SSBB Six Sigma Black Belt
SSGB Six Sigma Green Belt
SSWB Six Sigma White Belt
SSYB Six Sigma Yellow Belt

About Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma Certifications

There isn't any doubt that fruitfully achieving a Six Sigma certification is considered as one of the most superlative moves an individual can make for their prospective career. Even if you work in financing, logistic, or manufacturing, an individual can take advantage from the knowledge and experiences Six Sigma certification offers. Though, knowing where and when to start can be quite complex, specifically for pros looking to develop their careers or transform industries. Referring to Six Sigma Certification exams, there is a standard rank to certifications an individual can get. Each level of certification entails innumerable tasks, responsibilities, as well as rewards. However, not each level is apposite for everyone.

Yellow & White Belts

The sole objective behind utilizing Six Sigma techniques in practice is to convey value to a company. This is performed through reducing waste, improving efficiency, and most significantly, minimizing the hazard of production errors. Even though a few certification sources offer Yellow and White Belt certificates, these do no provide the equal level of knowledge.

Green Belts

The initial certification level you will generally experience the highest reward at is getting Green Belts. Additionally, Green Belts generally work part time with Six Sigma projects. Although they perhaps work full-time on a far-reaching business practice, they will only dedicate around 20% to 50% of time to project itself!

From classroom training, Green Belts comprehend how to do statistical analysis and support these results proficiently.

Black Belts

As per a Six Sigma Black Belt, you will start to experience working the approach full time. After 3 years of experience with Six Sigma and working on a few projects, you can become a Black Belt Certified professional. These pros are the key team and project leaders and assist other employees on the way to add value to whole process.

The total cost for Six Sigma Black Belt Exam is $395 whereas the cost for Green Belt Exam is $295. The overall cost for Yellow Belt Six Sigma Exam is $195. Numerous websites offers scores of options for Six Sigma Certification training Classes and training materials, covering options for novices.

In a nutshell, can you take a decision on which Six Sigma certification belt is suitable for you? Six Sigma Exam is a footstep in accurate direction! If you consider you know where you want to start, the subsequent stage is to look for the right certification training course. With the right experience and training, you can start preparing for Six Sigma certified Belt.

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the practice test for lean six sigma was so tough and am thinking of rescheduling my exam because i really fear failing,who has the best advises that can let me pass with all this panic?? it really depresses me
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i did the lean six sigma practice test and mange to answer all the questions that were required, this is truly a clear indication that i have the knowledge required to do the actual exam, trigger your understanding with it comrades
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the lean and six sigma concepts are really applicable in almost all the companies ‘round the globe. there is no reason to avoid learning them. soon, it is going to be a compulsory requirement for the professionals who want to acebuild their career in project management
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hey guys!!! lean six sigma training broadens your understanding of the topics that you are supposed to know before doing the exam, the main concepts that you should understand are all highlighted in the exclusive training
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Feb 26, 2019
huraay!!! here is the lean six sigma certification awarded to me guys ,i am very privileged to be among the accredited candidates. the only thing that i can share with you is to ensure that the you read widely and wildly for better results guys
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i am very passionate in learning the lean six sigma methodologies because my mentor advised me to do so. they are really crucial because many companies globally need professionals who are competent to handle their projects

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